I feel you thinking of me

Unexpectedly, Regarding, Wondering

Your wandering mind…

Sitting alone, In darken spaces

Tiptoed into you mind.

I’m not entirely sure

You’re even aware

But here I sit,

By your side

Summoned to the silence of a memory


Never Forgotten

Note that many Seasons have turn,

As second hand sticks, have grown dizzy,

Stuck in time.

And now, there are lines plowed,

At the corner of Trade and Main,

They once were paved .

Those streets.

Now cracked by millions of smiles.

Also, a few tears.

We’ve both gathered flames, since last we spoke.

But somehow, those flames,

Lost their dance on the crowded plateaus.

Oh, time, that fiendish mute!

Stalking, stealing, and brands me a slave as I continue my wait.

You must have missed your train?

Maybe from the cracked streets?

Or maybe time, stole you away.

But for me, as I tell it now:

You are never forgotten.

How could you be?

Even in edges of thoughts,

Though they might have developed sepia and yellow,

I will always think of you on this day.

This is the day.

These are the memories.

And I will crack another street remembering.



Being tossed fro and to,

On emotions of hullabaloo.


Hope’s smile keeps me wishing,

Miscommunicated dreams you’re squishing .


Do I offer any value?

Connected minds once, but now unglued.


Freezing a slow slice death ,

Proportioned self-festering sighs of breath.


Wait. Till tomorrow’s warm sun,

Promises to play again jolly, hot-cross-bun.


Do I let you fade black?

Hide-and-seek betrayal and watch my back?


Guessing at things trivial

Holes- my worm eaten heart piecemeal.


Sweet blessings no longer dignify.

For now, to you, I must say goodbye.


My value is found but a mere mite

I’d rather go abroad, than rot a blight.


I cannot move forward coexisting.

With you aloof and my love resisting.


And though it hurts and pains me so,

I must find strength in letting you go.







Just short of tenderness

But right past anguish,

I bide my days.

Awaiting one single word

Falling victim

To your blase


A love

That is torment

Found as my fate

Prayers go unanswered

Full sails deflate

Weighed down by tears

And achored by hate

Your indifference

Murders my winds

I log by waters

No longer to voyage

No longer to breathe

Long away are the sighs

I am not carelessly free

Heart laden by rocks

Grave marked by fishes

Who dirge bubbles for me.



I drift silently forgotten…

To the bottom of its sea.






Chuck Wills Widow

The lonely chuck-will’s-widow,

Calling of your name

In the evening twilight ticking air…

Marks time spent away

By the old oaks annual rings

She offers a gift, and sings to me her prayer.

She understands our emptiness

She sings to it, a sweet berceuse

To surround us in melody

Chasing away all our despair

I recognize our loneliness, together it mates

With sobering tweets and trills

And hope she knows I am here for her

The thought bring us both to tear

We no longer hold love so near

Else we move forward out of darkness together,

And displaces all alone the bugbear

Marking time in the darkness

Of the cold night veneer

In harmony, I hum her woeful song

Keeping hearts company threadbare

Together, her and I

Sing of the greatest of love affairs


Seminole Moon

Ol’ gypsy moon

Mother of the Seminole

Find my lost lover

Rescue my weary soul

Fill me with calming peace

Heal me from the hate

Give my lover courage

Let your glow illuminate

Two lives separated

But connected by your tide

Hear my pleading prayer, ol’ moon

Bring me back to life

Pull his heart closer

Remind him of my love

Give him my many kisses

Blown to you up above

Ol’ gypsy moon

Send my lover back my way

My only wish tonight

Is bring him back to stay

Ol’ gypsy moon

Wipe my tears away

Reunite what’s been lost

I can’t live without him another day.







Lost Little Fool

I am nothing,

If anything at all,

A lost little fool

Without you.

It’s is true.

With you

I am a fool,

Your fool.

A glorious fool,

But not

A forgotten fool.

Find me.

Deliver me.

No longer suffer me,

Foolishly wafting

Without you.

My heart

Being brave,

Can no longer

Face your absence.

I’ve imagined

Time without you.

I detest it.

I despise me.

Without you

I ache.

Without you,

I bleed emotion.

Without you,

I am lost…

A lost little fool




Love in the 3rd Degree


He sat me down,

But turned around

No longer standing the look of me.

He says you cry,

Never learned to lie

To yourself or any of your company.

He kissed my head

I felt the dread

I knew exactly what it meant for we.

I heard his sigh

In resentful goodbye

Knowing he was leaving me.

He played his game

Misplaced the blame

Refusing contined fidelity.

Heart pattered away

In broadlight of day

Happy he wasn’t attacking me.

My fatal mistake

Devastated by heartache

(Caused by)

Loving in the third degree.