A Prayer to the Wind

When wind whispers


Across bare skin

And snatches

Left-over love

Out from under my rib

That’s when I’ll breathe


Wishing to hurt no more

Beseeching the god’s to disremember,

Who I was holding love for.

Wretched, is this hell


Betwixt love and hate

Winds fan the fires

Refusing to abate

I seek to cleanse myself


Charring memory in pyre

Flames mate with my winds

Ancient lovers, who have conspired





Being tossed fro and to,

On emotions of hullabaloo.


Hope’s smile keeps me wishing,

Miscommunicated dreams you’re squishing .


Do I offer any value?

Connected minds once, but now unglued.


Freezing a slow slice death ,

Proportioned self-festering sighs of breath.


Wait. Till tomorrow’s warm sun,

Promises to play again jolly, hot-cross-bun.


Do I let you fade black?

Hide-and-seek betrayal and watch my back?


Guessing at things trivial

Holes- my worm eaten heart piecemeal.


Sweet blessings no longer dignify.

For now, to you, I must say goodbye.


My value is found but a mere mite

I’d rather go abroad, than rot a blight.


I cannot move forward coexisting.

With you aloof and my love resisting.


And though it hurts and pains me so,

I must find strength in letting you go.







Just short of tenderness

But right past anguish,

I bide my days.

Awaiting one single word

Falling victim

To your blase


A love

That is torment

Found as my fate

Prayers go unanswered

Full sails deflate

Weighed down by tears

And achored by hate

Your indifference

Murders my winds

I log by waters

No longer to voyage

No longer to breathe

Long away are the sighs

I am not carelessly free

Heart laden by rocks

Grave marked by fishes

Who dirge bubbles for me.



I drift silently forgotten…

To the bottom of its sea.






Candied heart

Buy me fun candy.

With secrets,

That only you can see.


Fill my belly with butterflies,

Who wink lullabies.

That exist for you and me.


Place forgotten memory:

Lovely seconds,

On shelves of pure gold


Forever to touch

My hand and heart,

My love is yours to enfold.









For most:

The story ends

When goals are reached

And accomplishments blend


Their aspirations fade

When destinations reached

Contentment is enough

Nothing more to teach.


Or is there?


For I must be a different creature:

Never satisfied with status quo

My heart force beats thirsty

My inner fire aglow

For more adventure

My goals are lofty

But for tomorrow

Will not be enough

Stepping-stones for today

I will have to apologize

For Many mistakes along my way

But truthfully, I didn’t lie

Yesterday it was true

It was what I wanted

You see you inspired

I believed I was wanted

You allowed me to see

What I could do better.

You gifted me sight,

Gumption and treasure

I will be eternally grateful

For your saving grace

Not just friendship

But the cruel efface

Of knowing you exist

I’m forever in debt

So rich beyond measure


I will never give up

Trying to do better



Natural Disaster


Self distruct

Count down on

While buttons are pushed

Trying to live alone

Reversal of fortunes

With damage done

Miscommunicated anger

Deaf egos

Bruised fruit

Better left for pigs

Mutilated feelings

Pushing forward

Out of fly traps

Separate the trajectories

Airborn neurons

Pinball bumpers

Shaken not stirred

Leveling our whole neighborhood

Winds from words



But the foundation

I chose to believe

Still sound.





That funny word:



After almost

Losing all

Takes Greater Courage;

Further to Fall.





Softened walls

Showing desire

Interest of want

Greater things

The calm after

Forgiveness ties the bind

The storm gone

Blue skies clear

Clouds puff hearts


Hold my hand,

Won’t you dear?

Moving forward

We have hope

Now that the sun

Has returned

And my favor















In angry torn thickets,

Beyond the sway white pines

There plays a forlorn song

There calls your heart to mine


A lone weary woman

In dull tattered clothes,

Hums along to the wind

She’s lost in old thought’s throes


Sitting static and soft

Her face flush by the fire

I feel a connection

My heart tweaks to inquire


What causes her torment?

But softens her lined face?

Is she here all alone?

Her song needed embrace


As I stood and I watched

A bandit in her scene

She looked my direction

My presence was foreseen


I was captivated

I could not move a limb

She sang to my sorrow

She lifted me in hymn


Primeval tethers hooked

Keeping me under spell

Flames dancing into fire

I scrutinized my hell


Around  forest creatures

Watched, and lifted their chins

They were inside me too

I owned their beastly sins


The song began to shrink

Consciousness recoiled hot

Racked lamented answers

I cried silent, overwrought


Beguiled to understand

And tricked with a sweet song

Repeatedly disturbed

Not to ever be loved


I’m a ruined woman

Hidden in sight between

A heartbroken madness

Fire’s burnt tourmaline









The Theory of Everything



When a heart breaks

We see from wounded eyes

But what is really happening

You would be surprised


When our heart’s break

And earthquakes into millions of cracks

The expansion of your feelings

Open to expose the contrast parallax


Through craggy gaps and rifs

Our delicate pith soul is visible

Nor are our secrets hidden

But they are multiplied divisible


In hurt we grow outward

We expand to transcend

Exposure leaves us vulnerable

Pain causes us to overextend


The heart swells in emotion

Crackles the veneer in its distress

It doesn’t truly break

But it hurts nonetheless



Take all the hate and tragedy

That happens daily on this earth

Fault lines scar it’s crust

It also wears its cracks of genteel rebirth


The theory of everything,

don’t you see?

We are connected to it all

And we are the master keys


We must cleft

To learn and reach higher

Without those forces

We would never be inspired


We must live

And we must love hard

Even when we hurt

We must give regard


Our connection to all

And how this will shape

Our light source is laid bear

Our shade is undraped


We are more than just heartbroken

But fragile newborns

Given a chance to grow stronger


Our hearts are exquisit especially with scars adorn






Star Secrets

To touch the space

Where stars slip by

Glitter trails crumb

Across night sky


Yearning safety

To bring you home

They dash and bloom;

A garden of stardust loam


Wishing you peace

Blowing kisses of passage

Keeper of my secrets

A benefactors advantage