Candied heart

Buy me fun candy.

With secrets,

That only you can see.


Fill my belly with butterflies,

Who wink lullabies.

That exist for you and me.


Place forgotten memory:

Lovely seconds,

On shelves of pure gold


Forever to touch

My hand and heart,

My love is yours to enfold.








Beware the Frogman

I had a request to re-blog an older post I had made a few months ago…  enjoy!


Thanks to Devious Bloggery  for inspiring this bit of silliness with his blog today- Field Guides and Frogmen.

I love creepy urban legend tales of the unexplained!


Here’s your story on the misadventures of Missy Barton Devious Bloggery! You have most certainly given me the giggles! I hope you find it ribbiting! (heehee!)

Beware the Frogman

Erstwhile upon an epoch…


Squeaky Miss Missy Barton, was not use to living a life so strictly spartan,

She decided to go a jumping into reedy Isabella Lake, wearing her only plaid Tartan.


She was a few days older than just sixteen ,and maybe a smidgen and a speck, or just a bit naive?

Not to mention wide-eyed, innocent and sore gospel aggrieved.


Oh how she fancied those fairy-tales so exquisitely penned,  living so brazen with pinks and in purple sin.

But she wickedly dreamed nightly, of castle knights who would touch her rosy chagrin.


Whilst exploring the lake on a hiking odyssey, she heard the provocative ribbit cacophony.

Humming it’s pleasure to the strings of her young high pitched heart’s frail modesty.


Sitting prestigious there on a sun warmed rock, she found him washing out his colorful socks.

This Frogman, bare web was sitting there looking dashing and all dapper in his tight fitting frock.


Turning her direction and catching her glance, he flipped out his tongue to flash with a lewd jiggy dance.

Delight escaping by contagious giggles, they could only adore fate for this rare happenstance.


Then jumping up close to spring up beside her, he burped a hello hoping for love, and to inspire.

Puckering his wet lips like in her fairy stories told, and cajoling a tease for a gentle reminder.


What could it hurt just this one simple kiss?

If there is magic afoot, he could then be her charmed prince!

Leisurely leaning into a painted slime smile,

and giving it her darnedest to make it worthwhile!

The longing and loving tongues tried to played,

but Missy has never kissed a prince or frog since to this day!


The jesters and bards try to tell it all in song,

of the day Missy from Isabella Lake got it terribly wrong.

Of course the Frogman took his wet sloppy kiss,

but now Missy must live with the memory and regretfully reminisce.


When one meets the Frogman and with him you cavort,

the only magic that happens is you end up with warts!








Tree of Life

Originally posted on My Trending Stories 7.6.16
(Disney’s Tree of Life)


The tree of life

Takes as it gives

Ancestrial roots

That time forgives


Gathered in sustenance

Yin verses yang of time

Growing shade for shelter

Roots strengthen lifetimes


We water it’s knowledge

Waxed thoughts nostalgic

Bringing in new growth

Branching offspring magic


It’s where we are from

That we reflect at the end

Remembering our lessons

And love of our kin






The Mountaineer

No one but you,

Dared the steep inclines,

To scale my untraveled paths.


Your words-

Smoothed my souls wounded edges.

With cushions of care

That rubbed down my jagged, torn catches

From the years of weathered neglect.


Only to you,

Am I the hidden jewel,

Amid the rough windy whispers of love.





The Narcissist

Originally posted on My Trending Stories


featured image     (Narcissus by Caravaggio, painted circa 1597–1599)


Throw a tantrum of pricey debutantes

Swinging Thor’s hammer specifically nonchalant

Pick the choicest slab of aged beef to be sold

It’s your party to live in those moments of glamoured mold

Overstated tours of your pearly mausoleum

Have you boasting gladiator to the world Colosseum

But along with your self-professed celebrity

Spend many a sleepless nights playing tunes of jealousy

Your circular world is not ours to claim

Under the false pretenses of your swindling con game