Two-Stepping Twins

Hear me whisper curses,
Watch my lips run.
Catch my desperation,
Raking songs unsung.


Frustrations we celebrate,
Like the 4th of July.
Burn our ambition,
A spiteful nose alibi.


What a game of tactics,
Foreplay of the mind.
Respecting ingenuity,
Impressive masterminds.


Curiosity kills fur,
But keeps rapt attention.
Fascination’s sweet babies,
We’re stars shooting of ascension.


Complimentary magnets,
Dancing Yang and the Yin.
You dip and I’ll twirl,
Till we wake up in zen.




Cats bark secrets

At hidden new moons

Bringing back memories

Always gone too soon

Senior’s first word

Beginning at the end

Hangs white poignant stars

To midnight’s curtains thinned

Unicorn knelling loudly

In prayer, just out of sight

Guarding suns treasured magic

For dreams to take flight

The world keeps spinning dizzy

Turning my square chaos around

Searching for you, comes empty

My heart pleads to be found

But still, I hear your voice

Compass, introduced at our birth

Anchoring connate knowledge


are my true magnetic north











My infant thoughts

Play a precarious peekaboo

With the Universe’s golden child

It’s mysterious reputation seeming so taboo


Third-eyed wisdom

So hard to hide

A lighthouse beacon

In the cliffs of the mind


Answers how

To navigate our course

I follow waves

In an ebbing vital force


What seems peculiar

Attracts nimble intellect

I find myself listening

To a Celestial Doppler-effect


It is not factual

It is felt in the bones

Some will even argue

That it is unknown


But what I feel

I know to be true

The Universe summons

Us all to rendezvous


To show vulnerability

And give gift of answers

Inheriting the cosmos-

We become spiritual necromancers









Embrace the whispers

That named you mine

Drowning your sorrow

That drags the line

Link the chains

That enslaves the heart

Following the path

Back to the very start

Win my love

That has begun to falter

Securing our future

At love’s altar







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featured image

(ERP, NC sunset 6.28.16)


Watch me morph into cherished sunrise,

From the discarded thoughts that plaited the skies.

Breathe translucent jeweled consciousness into your expanding lungs,

Heart healed hopeful, spilling with new lyrics unsung.

This is the genesis dawn of your enlightened days,

Euphoria you emanate, sweeps the world in your glorious rays.

Set kind example, and lead with your bright shining hearts,

The Universe recognizes this unity as its harmonious counterparts.

Synchronicity moves simultaneously in the moon, sun and stars,

With gravity anchoring this Aquarius new age rebirth to justly be ours.





I need to share ancient stars with you,

And hear your enraptured inhalation.

Present for the glory moment when ancient star dust,

Awakens the souls in burst of constellation.


In my honored company I’m most humbled by,

Gifts from the esurient language of love whispers.

Birthrights are titled provenance in the greatest of energy sources

Giving blue-eyed mirth that mirrors depths of brown blushing glitters.


The silvery echos of our souls absorbing,

Fill the twilight skies with who’ing owls.

The white wolf of hearts takes her place on edges of cliffs,

Celebrating our imminent reunion with her delighted howls.



The Peacock’s Soul

(Art – Peacock Krishna, but no artist named)


Her colors of personality

Stain you ruthlessly

Especially when encountered indirectly.


She simply captivates

With her innocent pigments.

For she is an old soul, with innumerable unnamed tints.


You will be happy for her as much as yourself

As she skims the creams of mortal life

Guiding so many sinners, to better tomorrows.


You can physically feel

Her ethereal, contagion fingers tickle

With effervescence of a budding anticipation inside your chest.


Her purity and innocence

Dance in our darkened corners

While wearing a tailored ballgown of ebullient aspirations.


But it is not just for you,

That she parades:

It’s for mankind’s capable future.


She is humanity’s mascot,

Offering us flavors of the sharp piquancy of hope

A gift that is full of dry rich notes that fill your every sense of wonder.


Her emitting aura of love,

Baptizes us all in dripping potential

With arresting shades of kelly green that sing beside fatty full-bodied blues.


Her royal purple is mixed as an life force elixir

She is the mother of smiles

Past, present and future.


Inherently we know,

She is the key

To our soul peace and our polyphony.


But she is also something just as precious:

Validation of our knowledge,

That our hope survives vividly in color- in the Peacock’s Soul.



Starchild of the Universe

( Josephine Wall- Child of the Universe)


Come closer my dear Starchild-  look, touch and pay close attention:

You have been chosen to join me, for your comprehension of the 10 dimensions.

Slowly build your macrocosm endurance, let me teach you my wisened ways.

There is so many unseen everyday miracles, that you will surely be amazed.

Sashay fascination, with your curious dancing fingers,

Skitter them across the grey galactic cortices, to tarry here and linger.

Pirouette figure 8’s through my gilded volumes of memories,

Turning all the tumblers sticky pins, exposing all ornate hidden mysteries.

Harvest and appoint for yourself, if only at will;

Your desired hijacked dreamscape, and experience it’s eternal thrill.

I am favored in yin and yang, I am blessed and a little cursed.

For I am the one memory keeper, of the entire Universe.

I mean no ostentation, and about it I am humbly quite shy.

Holding all the answers to all the beginnings, and all of the reasons why.

Be careful what you question and aim to know as truth,

Having answers instead of benighted bliss, has power to steal your innocent youth.

Infinity will reward you with your concentrated examinations,

All the answers you could ever think of, are written in the constellations.




My Secret Library


Slowly creep closer, and tiptoe my dear.

It’s not deceit, it’s very simply austere.

Peruse the many dusty shelves inside my starry lit soul.

Scout the unexplored pages of its tiny and dark cubbyholes.

Can you accept and see past my broken heart lines?

Find my large printed secrets, all in daylight’s disguise?

Discovering my clues, to tempt your inner agog sleuth.

What will you think, when you know the whole truth?

Will my limited editions keep your marrow inspired?

Will the words on my heart embellish our fire?

Does aged leather bound, in pristine condition,

Help reinforce your belief in true love, and hold it’s conviction?

Read my words and please take them to heart,

The greatest treasure lies within the journey of this spiritual upstart.