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White Admiral Waltz by Torie Tiffany


Butterfly flutter:

Blithe, enlightened, wild, and wise

Now knows his purpose.





And the moonlight,  though it spent it’s life hiding in the darkness of the world,  has a resilient soul.

It is the most resilient because it possesses the knowledge of what people do in the dark when no one is looking. It knows truth of people’s hearts, good and evil.

And yet it loves us, despite,  all the same with no discrimination. Deserved or not, it touches us all with its soft glow of understanding and knowing.


Nothing is secret from moonlight.

It protects all secrets, magic and mischief.

But moonlight knows.




Just short of tenderness

But right past anguish,

I bide my days.

Awaiting one single word

Falling victim

To your blase


A love

That is torment

Found as my fate

Prayers go unanswered

Full sails deflate

Weighed down by tears

And achored by hate

Your indifference

Murders my winds

I log by waters

No longer to voyage

No longer to breathe

Long away are the sighs

I am not carelessly free

Heart laden by rocks

Grave marked by fishes

Who dirge bubbles for me.



I drift silently forgotten…

To the bottom of its sea.






Star Secrets

To touch the space

Where stars slip by

Glitter trails crumb

Across night sky


Yearning safety

To bring you home

They dash and bloom;

A garden of stardust loam


Wishing you peace

Blowing kisses of passage

Keeper of my secrets

A benefactors advantage







Greedy roots outstretched for alms

Scavengers are inflated for sunlit cons

As dirtied laundry wedgies hide in cracked nail beds

Dissolving the bones hidden in closets of newlyweds

Sunburn their hearts filled with cemented spite

To jump off cliffs from death defying heights

All for the fame of nine innings at bat

But you must be a fool, for we all smell a rat

Double-crossed gamble with streets stinking hoodwinked

Organized crime of goodfellas,  the chaos has you linked

Kiss that stub of a finger and pay your phoney respects

This is murder for hire, an addictive but antiqued retrospect




I Would Lie

 (publicity still from Les Miserables)

I would lie,

If it meant you never knew for you I cried

I would lie,

If it smoothed harsh words against your sacred pride

I would lie,

If it would guard my heart from never admitting love’s defeat

I would lie,

If you would offer up the moon as I serve at your feet

I would lie,

If it meant I could still hear your laugh as you breathed

I would lie,

If it meant I could feel your sigh unto me you as you are completely sheathed

I would lie,

If it meant I would get the chance to start over again

I would lie

If it meant my love would be hidden and we could only be friends


Starchild of the Universe

( Josephine Wall- Child of the Universe)


Come closer my dear Starchild-  look, touch and pay close attention:

You have been chosen to join me, for your comprehension of the 10 dimensions.

Slowly build your macrocosm endurance, let me teach you my wisened ways.

There is so many unseen everyday miracles, that you will surely be amazed.

Sashay fascination, with your curious dancing fingers,

Skitter them across the grey galactic cortices, to tarry here and linger.

Pirouette figure 8’s through my gilded volumes of memories,

Turning all the tumblers sticky pins, exposing all ornate hidden mysteries.

Harvest and appoint for yourself, if only at will;

Your desired hijacked dreamscape, and experience it’s eternal thrill.

I am favored in yin and yang, I am blessed and a little cursed.

For I am the one memory keeper, of the entire Universe.

I mean no ostentation, and about it I am humbly quite shy.

Holding all the answers to all the beginnings, and all of the reasons why.

Be careful what you question and aim to know as truth,

Having answers instead of benighted bliss, has power to steal your innocent youth.

Infinity will reward you with your concentrated examinations,

All the answers you could ever think of, are written in the constellations.




My Secret Library


Slowly creep closer, and tiptoe my dear.

It’s not deceit, it’s very simply austere.

Peruse the many dusty shelves inside my starry lit soul.

Scout the unexplored pages of its tiny and dark cubbyholes.

Can you accept and see past my broken heart lines?

Find my large printed secrets, all in daylight’s disguise?

Discovering my clues, to tempt your inner agog sleuth.

What will you think, when you know the whole truth?

Will my limited editions keep your marrow inspired?

Will the words on my heart embellish our fire?

Does aged leather bound, in pristine condition,

Help reinforce your belief in true love, and hold it’s conviction?

Read my words and please take them to heart,

The greatest treasure lies within the journey of this spiritual upstart.








Outward open in growth expansion,

We glow glossy in altruistic attraction.


Absorbing preeminent knowledge of the gods,

We strengthen chakra energy, against the odds.


We are the chosen,

the blessed,

the few,

Given rare spiritual potential to start anew.


We find remembered connection amongst our peers,

From life times before, back a thousand years.


Twin flames, soulmates and kindred spirits will reunite,

Capability of mutual bonds, escorts magic that soul ignites.


We teach the way for others, to expand their understanding,

And we will celebrated a world that exist, unabridged with love expanding.


Yes we are remarkable and a little unique,

We find peace in the intangible and Universe’s mystique.


Did you perceive the invite to join our quest?

The one whispered on your soul at the Universe’s behest.