A World in S.O.S …—…

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Late last week, British Labour Party Member of Parliament, Jo Cox was murdered while walking into a library in West Yorkshire for scheduled political event. The attack and murder, is an apparent hate crime with the suspect being linked to pro-Apartheid and neo-Nazi groups.

MP Jo Cox, was a very public figure who had a strong campaign background with issues relating to the Syrian Civil War with humanitarian efforts. Because of her dedicated work to better the world and shield it from hate, she became a target of hate herself.

I don’t consider myself even slightly competent to speak out on US politics, being my country of nationality, and even less competent and versed to be able to discuss politics on a world platform like that tragic event in the UK. But I do feel strongly about the hate, and am saddened and horrified by how it still consumes our population (worldly) and makes us all victims in such dire extremes.

Pull up any news forum of your choice, and anyone of them will have a top story that has been fuel by hate. From the Orlando shooting massacre, to the yesterday’s German Cinema attacker, to a more local story for me of a dispute that ended with violence because of this 4 lettered ‘H’ word.

I know hate has always existed, and there will never be a solution to rid the world of it completely. But still with that dejected statement, I can’t help but sit here watching with the paralyzed wide eyed expression at my world in disbelief, no it’s OUR world, that is in chaos and a chaotic rule because of hate. I can spill platitudes of ‘living the golden rule’ or ask ‘why can’t we all just get along?’, but talking about loving our neighbors and speaking of change to fight hate with love- well it isn’t enough. It never has been enough, we fooled ourselves to thinking it was. If we’re not applying and teaching our younger generations in the ways of tolerance of others unique differences, and teaching them the acceptance of others despite races, religions, political beliefs, sexual beliefs, the list goes on and on, and more so teaching them, and ourselves, that it is okay to disagree with others and their differing opinions without hating them. We need to stop teaching by the example of hate, and practice more in the giving love.


Again, for the second time in a week I have found myself writing outside my usual poets optimistic daydreamers voice, and have posted on something more serious.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me!!! 🙂

New Age of Patriotism

What I see:

We are whole generations tripping over the loose frayed strings of maternal nurture.

An entire population that has dropped the reigns of accountability.

Holy laces instead, choke us tightly, leaving the parched throats of our crying independence an angry scratch.

Prayers, they’re hollow now. Contaminated full of criticism, cynicism and blame, not even simple thanks.

We no longer have a haven of sheltering comforts, that provide divine guidance or peace.

(Unless of course, you pay alms to the robed and suited men with laundered gold and burned crisp flesh.)

Gummy tar pavements of our city’s infrastructure, are now treacherously icy and crumbling, brittle, and cheap giving false airs of richness.

Our streets are slick with the brown, broken promises that was to be our inheritance as a people, but now all on borrowed credit.

We are no longer finding easy access to life. Now, it’s ridiculously difficult to navigate without jarring potholes and potheads.

We fight among ourselves: on what side we sit on- left? or right? What color we are- polkadotted, green, blue or bright? Or who we’re suppose to love- we are all celestial souls, right?  Trivial time wasters of our human resources to fight .

What I envision:

A chance to gather ourselves together in strength and love, to change our spoiled futures.

A chance to break away from paternal habits that no longer work but cause chaos, and find stability for our off-balanced scales.

A chance to search for, and find, solutions together to pave our way back to greatness once more.

A chance to bring our conscience efforts back to the present, not what we were, but what we are!

A chance to love unconditionally and accept our fellow neighbors, friends and family for our unique individualism.

We may not all agree, but we can chose to love despite our differences.

This will be our gift of peace, this can be our new found patriotism.

I believe we all deserve better,  not as a nation,  but as a united humanity.


I have never been one to consider myself political, but for some reason this has jumped out of my thinking brain today.  I still, despite our current challenges, love my country and planet. Please forgive me if I have stepped on any of your(the reader’s) beliefs, and/or have offended anyone with my words. It was not my intention to point fingers or judge, but more, it was for me to write for myself of an awareness of accountability for the condition that our current world is in.