If I Could Wear the Smell of Rain



Image result for bird in rain                                                                                                     (image by Andrew Tong)

If I could wear the smell of rain

Taking comfort in its reign

Feeling washed and never blue

My falling tears would be named dew

No one would pity or pass me in judgment

Shadows no longer could smell pungent

No one would ever see me cry

Or scoff at tender feelings why

Falling in love with the mockingbird

Heals a heart, wearing vows begird

My troubles would seem so mysterious

I’d be elegant, and you’d be envious

Of my carefree and happy tunes

And how I avoided all life’s glooms

I would dance in the magic puddles

Never facing an enemy or seem to struggle

I’d sing off-key in the cold morning drizzle

Not giving thought to your cool dismissal

If only I could wear the smell of rain

I’d never miss you, instead I would be arcane




Chuck Wills Widow

The lonely chuck-will’s-widow,

Calling of your name

In the evening twilight ticking air…

Marks time spent away

By the old oaks annual rings

She offers a gift, and sings to me her prayer.

She understands our emptiness

She sings to it, a sweet berceuse

To surround us in melody

Chasing away all our despair

I recognize our loneliness, together it mates

With sobering tweets and trills

And hope she knows I am here for her

The thought bring us both to tear

We no longer hold love so near

Else we move forward out of darkness together,

And displaces all alone the bugbear

Marking time in the darkness

Of the cold night veneer

In harmony, I hum her woeful song

Keeping hearts company threadbare

Together, her and I

Sing of the greatest of love affairs


Sing Little Cricket

Tiny dancing cricket

Will you sing for me

Seek alphabet rain

To set me free

From the worldly cares

That are troubling me


Sing little cricket

Please, for me

My heart is broken

My love may never be

I need your song

It may hold the key

To skip time back

When I lived carefree


Sing little cricket

Sing just for me

Mend my heart

With heavy hearted melody


Sing little cricket








Butterfly Fancy



A creature of secrets,

One that never reveals

Believing nomadic life

Is one that is ideal


Abandon peculiar curiosity

Spurning all those who judge

Stalking, arms distance

Before pretty warblers begrudge


Cares of shabby shrubbery

Are scintilating delight

Kissing children’s noses

Their imagination takes flight