The Creek



Through ancestral woods exploring, I found a creek today

It was well hidden, but I was led to it by soft mossy pathway

Unable to resist the temptation to feel it’s wetness on my skin

I stepped into its shallows and I felt the magic begin

Cool clear water delights my toes

As it’s eddied memories slowly past me flow

Remembered knowledge of my brief youth

Startle me with its echoing truth

I’ve grown so ignorant in my advancing age

Or perhaps, gone numb with each years turning page

I’ve ignored the genius of my young innocence

Instead I’ve adopted a burnt char of exhausted brittleness

I’ve been looking so long, at all the wrong solutions

While muddying my name with a society’s pollutions

Now feeling the water carry away the dark energy toxins

Moisturizing my center, I can now see my options

If I could only stay here and in the water play

Let it hydrate me clean, and wear weary troubles away

I might be able to touch the little child, that’s inside me hid

Let her teach me my old ways, the ones before that I had forbid

And then with rapid clarity, and a sure certainty of truth

I realized this is the secret, I had in fact discovered the fountain of youth

It’s not a actual potion, or a hidden wishing well

It’s a feeling you capture inside, a remembrance, that’s the magic spell

We stay young through our heart, not though someone else’s eyes

But it’s with a unguarded child’s grace, that we are immortalized














Tree of Life

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(Disney’s Tree of Life)


The tree of life

Takes as it gives

Ancestrial roots

That time forgives


Gathered in sustenance

Yin verses yang of time

Growing shade for shelter

Roots strengthen lifetimes


We water it’s knowledge

Waxed thoughts nostalgic

Bringing in new growth

Branching offspring magic


It’s where we are from

That we reflect at the end

Remembering our lessons

And love of our kin






Believe- A letter to my son as he leaves for college

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It will come

That inspiration

That will ignite

Your soul’s vibration


Giving hope

To excite more

Building purpose

For what’s in store


So please my child

Don’t despair

Even if your soul

Be threadbare


You have the strength

And fortitude

To be the one

With magnitude


You can have

All your heart’s desires

Pave example

Set the world on fire


With love in your heart

Doing kind deeds

Your success

Is definitely guaranteed







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(ERP, NC sunset 6.28.16)


Watch me morph into cherished sunrise,

From the discarded thoughts that plaited the skies.

Breathe translucent jeweled consciousness into your expanding lungs,

Heart healed hopeful, spilling with new lyrics unsung.

This is the genesis dawn of your enlightened days,

Euphoria you emanate, sweeps the world in your glorious rays.

Set kind example, and lead with your bright shining hearts,

The Universe recognizes this unity as its harmonious counterparts.

Synchronicity moves simultaneously in the moon, sun and stars,

With gravity anchoring this Aquarius new age rebirth to justly be ours.




The Narcissist

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featured image     (Narcissus by Caravaggio, painted circa 1597–1599)


Throw a tantrum of pricey debutantes

Swinging Thor’s hammer specifically nonchalant

Pick the choicest slab of aged beef to be sold

It’s your party to live in those moments of glamoured mold

Overstated tours of your pearly mausoleum

Have you boasting gladiator to the world Colosseum

But along with your self-professed celebrity

Spend many a sleepless nights playing tunes of jealousy

Your circular world is not ours to claim

Under the false pretenses of your swindling con game




A World in S.O.S …—…

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Late last week, British Labour Party Member of Parliament, Jo Cox was murdered while walking into a library in West Yorkshire for scheduled political event. The attack and murder, is an apparent hate crime with the suspect being linked to pro-Apartheid and neo-Nazi groups.

MP Jo Cox, was a very public figure who had a strong campaign background with issues relating to the Syrian Civil War with humanitarian efforts. Because of her dedicated work to better the world and shield it from hate, she became a target of hate herself.

I don’t consider myself even slightly competent to speak out on US politics, being my country of nationality, and even less competent and versed to be able to discuss politics on a world platform like that tragic event in the UK. But I do feel strongly about the hate, and am saddened and horrified by how it still consumes our population (worldly) and makes us all victims in such dire extremes.

Pull up any news forum of your choice, and anyone of them will have a top story that has been fuel by hate. From the Orlando shooting massacre, to the yesterday’s German Cinema attacker, to a more local story for me of a dispute that ended with violence because of this 4 lettered ‘H’ word.

I know hate has always existed, and there will never be a solution to rid the world of it completely. But still with that dejected statement, I can’t help but sit here watching with the paralyzed wide eyed expression at my world in disbelief, no it’s OUR world, that is in chaos and a chaotic rule because of hate. I can spill platitudes of ‘living the golden rule’ or ask ‘why can’t we all just get along?’, but talking about loving our neighbors and speaking of change to fight hate with love- well it isn’t enough. It never has been enough, we fooled ourselves to thinking it was. If we’re not applying and teaching our younger generations in the ways of tolerance of others unique differences, and teaching them the acceptance of others despite races, religions, political beliefs, sexual beliefs, the list goes on and on, and more so teaching them, and ourselves, that it is okay to disagree with others and their differing opinions without hating them. We need to stop teaching by the example of hate, and practice more in the giving love.


Again, for the second time in a week I have found myself writing outside my usual poets optimistic daydreamers voice, and have posted on something more serious.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me!!! 🙂

How to Age Graceful

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Be courageous in how you offer your smile,

Giving little thought to the what’s of the unimportant erstwhile.

Don’t misuse your intelligence in imaginative overthinking to wreck a conclusion,

Especially without holding all the hidden facts, they’re only pesky illusions.

Speak kindness to others who show their lack of expanded understanding,

Patience is a virtue, and implementing its enduring compassion will stay with you everlasting.

Don’t let anyone still the innocence of the child who speaks inside your heart,

That yearning white honor helps to keep us all beautiful, youthful and smart.

Enjoy every millisecond of moment that you are gifted to live,

Even the blackest clouds who hang overhead, can teach us how to forgive.

Chose to be appreciative with all that is abstract while taking time to be grateful,

Walk with shouldered integrity and with your heart open, it’s the only way to age graceful.



Neptune’s Sandcastle

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It all began with just one grain

Planted inconspicuous, and preordained

With your mischievous smile, the foundation was built

Patched with fond memories handsewn liken an heirloom quilt

I didn’t even realize you had snuck deep into my heart

Stealing real estate, the walls now decorated with unaffordable art

My moat now is desert land no longer offering protection

You’ve dug tunnels through my soul, passing every building inspection

How did the red flags of my brain not wave in warning?

Could a devil like you, really be so charming?

I had been so careful before, passing to the other side of the street

Keeping my heart to myself, even if I felt a bit incomplete

But here you sit with me in company to play in my sand

Eyes twinkle old secrets while fingers weave magic holding my hand

Waves crash in thunder and announce what I’ve already decided

While Neptune’s salt spray shows how much he’s delighted

Two twins of old reunited in his fatherly presence

Burning with loves soft glow of celestial luminescence