Game of Thrones

Okay so I have to admit, I am a #GoT freak. Maybe even a tad obsessive. Which I’m fine with. I like letting my freak flag fly at times, and Game of Thrones sure does bring it out in me! But I do want to apologize in advance for this posting if you’re not of like mind. I’m pretty sure I can be bit annoying in my exuberance over the show and it’s characters.
And please please please! Please turn away and stop reading here if you have not watched or read the books and have intent to do so in the future. There is a great probability I will talk about spoilers, and I don’t want you coming back saying I ruined it all for you! I hate people who spoil books and stories for me!  So consider yourselves warned!

If you’re still here, YAY! We need to talk!

I desperately need someone to talk to about the upcoming season while we wait for it’s premier April 24th!

Yesterday, the latest trailer(see above) was released on YouTube. (BTW- kudos for using James Vincent McMorrow version of- Wicked Game for this trailer! Love that rendition!) 

After last season, I have soaked up anything HBO has thrown my way and torn it apart for clues. I have ran that last episode in season 5, over and over in my head in regards to Jon Snow and his character’s fate. Of course they left us hanging! How dare they! lol grrrrrr! But oh how so effing brilliant of the writers! Brilliant in how they knew it would keep my (and millions others) talking and overthinking all the different possibilities to come.

My favorite theory, is one, of course where Jon is not dead!  In our musings Mr. Bender had convinced me, not that it took much convincing, that Jon was reading in the book of crows when he fell asleep and dreamed the Watch’s betrayal. In our discussions and dissection of it, we expounded upon that with the possibility of Bran sending him the vision? Yes, this is just far fetched wishing and grand speculation. But what if? What if you’re right Mr. Bender? God, I miss you and your clever and insightful mind!

But back to yesterday’s trailer- Gahhhhh!! There are several flashes of scenes in this newest released trailer that are very dark (light wise) that has me making all of this commotion here!

got trailer

At the 1:35 minute mark there is this! That is definately Ghost laying beside who looks to be Jon??? But is he dead? Or is Ghost guarding him?  What does all this mean??   Any thought from other #GoT fans out there?