As you rained down,

Onto my delicate skin.

I felt the heat blister,

To grow jungles within.

Feeling your groundswell,

Under my sieved gaze,

We were flagged,

Not lost,

Marked as yours-




His knowing humid glances

Thrill her soused center fountains

While bringing edges

Of skin heated rosy

To a developing film

Revealing her negatives

In darkened sepia rooms

Weaving in blended flushes

Into tell-tell spending colors

Of increased ardent heart rates

Quickening concupiscences

Heavily at sewn seams

In the foggy sighs of dreams


Happening all because

She forgot to breathe


She was center of stage

With his indecent gifted looks

That sent her directions misplaced

Filling her mind

And her junctions

With a riot of thought

Of bashful pleasures

In excitement

Overriding judgement

That spun pirouettes on toe tips

In her silly romantic head

Delivering the pulse

Of animalistic survival

Instinctive and involuntary

Revealing secret innocence

To well chosen prey

Now, clearly displayed

In the many

Chameleon change of colors

Framed in track light

For his observant study

In her exhibit of museum art


And he knows

Even if she does not

Colors are felt


And tasted

And he knows

She is his- captured



Painting Cake

Bake me a breath

That paints my skin

Delicate of brush stroke

Blushing gourmet flavors

Leaving you wanting

Withered wanton

For taste of more


Your delectable

Famed artistry

Turns my old bones

Liquid in passion

More than they were

In giggled youth

Knowing that you

Crave my recipe





I’m your bold Scottish breakfast

To be appreciated in bed at 4

Depth of milk quenches hungered thirst

While insatiable poetry from marked lips pour


Rolling hills lay ripe, undiscovered

Under striking antlered mosses

Stripped down to bare vulnerabilities

No more bearing the luggage of heavy crosses


Infuse my leaves with robust sensory

While tasting rain from the growing season

With rare alignment of perfect conditions

Sipping from my full-bodied gardens of eden







I Long For Your Storm

It’s in the elements that I think of you sometimes the most.

wild blowing winds

With it’s hot breath floating to me from your fiery soul imprinting my cheeks with gathered thoughts of your wind burned kisses and the satisfaction of feeling your possessive tugs of my hair.

fulsome driving rains

It’s the wetness I’m drowning in from the excitement that you have ignited in the pit of my bellied lust, it brings gratitude from knowing long droughts of arid love before you.

 zig-zag incandescent lightning

It’s the unpredictable electricity of passion that exist for us, where the air just crackles with the eagerness of inspired fantasy and blinds me to your flashing brightness.


Dream Marked

Skip my intimate name into your dreams,

Where we will make love inside tangy Sauvignon sunbeams.

Soak up my million-and-one words of brazen accolades,

Canoodle my flesh and inebriate my arid soul’s arcades.

Let your primal wolf hunt what I hide from this ordinary world,

Take what has always been yours. I gift it all for you, unfurled.

Leave your edging mark of complete dominating possession,

I baptize all my sins wide, giving my god total confession.





Vinyl Pinup

You unwrap me

From aged yellowed cellophane.

I’m your breathtaking

Find of a treasure

Of liner notes

And works of classic art.


With your appreciative blues

You quickly strip me free

From the layered protection

That is choking me

To find me

Unsullied and pristine

From others smudging prints.


I’m all yours

Just for you

An undiscovered talent

Well hidden

In an unexpected place

Waiting for your

Claim of me.


I was laid

On a dusty shelf

Discard there

Long ago


By someone else

Who deemed me digital useless


But in truth,

It was they

Who were careless, not I.

For I always sat here


Just for you

Awaiting your capture and use


Your careful handling

Of my outdated grooves

That are now obsolete with time

And out of fashion

Make me sing

My story for you


Only to your ears

Do my warm analogs

Of my recorded songs

Play true

And in full fidelity display


Our continued

Mating song

Increases the speed

Of our timeless

Ritual dance together


With hips jarring jolts

On my turntable cabinets

That cause the impressive

Needle to skip

To my rare B side backwards

To blow your mind

With expansion


Your delight is evident

As you continue

To spin me on

78 revolutions per minute

Playing out our sacred tune

And learning my every wobble


No one ever

Handle me with this

Gentle possessive care


I adore you

For possessing me.


Love always,

Your Classic Vinyl Pinup







Smear my drugstore lipstick with wild dewy heat,

Growling bass anticipation as our fated lips meet.

Weave in your strong dexterous fingers, chaining my dark hair,

Angling my throat vulnerable, to better prepare.

Labyrinth of legs and arms entwined,

Heady amusement, a deluge of dripping fluids combined.

Fingerprints grip to bruise my delicate peel,

Restricting my animalistic reactions for a much steeper thrill.

Possess my virtuous essence, every ounce of my deft mind,

Tasting my exotic tropical flavors, each one at a time.

Wrap my languid body, contorting it’s impossible limber,

Pushing past the immortal limits of uncontrolled shivers.

Take what is rightfully yours and completely devour,

Absorbing quixotic electricity, in the exchange of carnal power.

After you’ve feasted and mirrored the rail,

Deflate my respected righteousness, leaving only this empty shell.