Here Birdie Birdie

Yesterday while treasure hunting at a local thrift store, I found a pair of VERY tarnished brass candle wall sconces. They were horrible looking.

Today, I pulled out my eclectic collection of old china pieces and paired up a simple little bowl, spray painted the sconces with some left over unused spray paint I had laying around, and voilĂ !

Sometimes I surprise myself!

Hopefully my bird friends will like their new feeder!



I couldn’t help but think as I was working on my little bird project- how many of us are like those sconces? Tarnished and weathered cosmetically but still the bones of us, well they are in great shape!

All it takes is a little TLC and imagination to put us back to rights, and in some instances even better than we ever imagined we could be. Sometimes it takes a special eye to look past the tarnish and see the beauty inside.

It’s not always about the outside of us- that’s window dressing.

It’s the inside that matters and stands the test of time.