My Reason

Tiny tingles,

At the heart.

Tumbling smooth,

Edges that dart.

Beginnings of smiles,

Owned since birth.

Knowing you,

My reason of mirth.

To be so happy,

Something so plain,

Finding connection

Fusing twain.

Excitement building,

You are the one.

Belief in hope,

Father of the sun.

For years it’s bloomed,

Without you near.

Growing stronger,

My love reveres.



Reverse Axis


Image result for hug star art                                                                           (unknown artist)



Stumbling stars

Catch cold

From screams prayed to heaven

Of empty promises

That never are fulfilled

Their lights blur ever so slightly

Eon after eon

Trails of their tears

Collected from observing

Deluding their sky vision

No longer do they see

Vistas now dingy

Overgrown forest of space are

Untended gardens

Of entitlement

Never hearing gratitude

But banal platitudes





Stars were born to help,

They were born to guide

But the axis is contrary

Gravity pushes away gifted comfort

And we’ve lost our way

being enveloped in darkness.


It inhales our souls.


But child, hear me cry:

We must be different!

We must continue to wish

On sad, crying stars

They’ve lost their way

They’ve lost their belief in love.

It is us,

who will comfort them.

We must be their sky.

It is us.

Unconditionally, it is us.











(Still thinking**)

If you would claim me,

And call me yours:

Voices would hush,

Demons would snore.


I would trust implicitly

I will always be your one

Dismissing the odds,

Dismantling the guns.


But being in the place

Of dark in between:

I grow insecure gardens,

Thoughts scatter doubts seed.


My feet wobbly

On the side of cliffs

Nails dirt ragged

Joints clinging stiff


Strategically warring

Securing foreign lands first

I detonate foundations

From unquenchable thirst


Overthinking fantasies

Standard operating procedure

But yet- when I look to my side

You give signs that are eager


Hope blooms encouraged

To give it my all

Maybe one day

We will walk after this crawl





Two-Stepping Twins

Hear me whisper curses,
Watch my lips run.
Catch my desperation,
Raking songs unsung.


Frustrations we celebrate,
Like the 4th of July.
Burn our ambition,
A spiteful nose alibi.


What a game of tactics,
Foreplay of the mind.
Respecting ingenuity,
Impressive masterminds.


Curiosity kills fur,
But keeps rapt attention.
Fascination’s sweet babies,
We’re stars shooting of ascension.


Complimentary magnets,
Dancing Yang and the Yin.
You dip and I’ll twirl,
Till we wake up in zen.



Star Secrets

To touch the space

Where stars slip by

Glitter trails crumb

Across night sky


Yearning safety

To bring you home

They dash and bloom;

A garden of stardust loam


Wishing you peace

Blowing kisses of passage

Keeper of my secrets

A benefactors advantage





Her Ghost


She was the only one that I know of, that is able to hold onto a ghost.

Not just hold, but cradle and adore that pronunciated eidolon. She made him hers, and really held to it with a faith of intrinsic knowing that is so rare for our kind.  It was sweet, and to me, so heart strainingly naive.

And more, she believed in the reality of her ghost. She made him real by that believing, and that was how she was able to caress him tenderly. Just like that,  with belief. That was all that it took for her to bring his universe to reality.

How fucking credulous!?

Even me in all my finesse and athleticism, I have never been able to touch the invisible and dance with it.

How she did it, I don’t have even the faintest clue?

But there she was in front of me, twirling and giggling. She was so carefree that she floated a full inch above where the rest of us trudge and leave footprints.

Her ghost of him, made her buoyant and graceful, and she radiated from her core the love that she carried for him. She loved him with her whole actuality.

I couldn’t see him, her ghost.

But because of her,  and how I witnessed  her smile as she turned circles,  I too completely believed in him.

I didn’t have to see him, she saw for me. I believed in that greater achievement, because of her.

But then my skepticism whispered my own ghosts of doubt and disappointments.

How do you tangibly create substance of matter from memory and emotion, and build a fortress of diamonds from love unrequited?

Isn’t that backwards?

Where was her hate, that if it was me,  I would be seething in?

How does one hold to that, in a foul and despicable world?

But she clung to her reality of him, and bore the heartache of loving an apparition in full ownership.

She churned the sadness of salty souls of it into healing sunshine of love, all in the twirls of her billowing free flowing skirt.

Each rotation of twirl, strengthened her grip on the invisible. It mesmerized and it hypnotized, and strengthened her vise grip on me.

It made me want what only she could see.

It made me want her.

I needed her ghost.

So I believed.

I embraced the madness, and twirled a misaligned figure eight to join her ghost in a menage a trois number in the middle of our created dance-floor of fairy told dreams.




Seminole Moon

Ol’ gypsy moon

Mother of the Seminole

Find my lost lover

Rescue my weary soul

Fill me with calming peace

Heal me from the hate

Give my lover courage

Let your glow illuminate

Two lives separated

But connected by your tide

Hear my pleading prayer, ol’ moon

Bring me back to life

Pull his heart closer

Remind him of my love

Give him my many kisses

Blown to you up above

Ol’ gypsy moon

Send my lover back my way

My only wish tonight

Is bring him back to stay

Ol’ gypsy moon

Wipe my tears away

Reunite what’s been lost

I can’t live without him another day.







Endure-a haiku

Hope sighs, to beg life

Allows sunlight through branches

Clearing a lost way




If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm. ~Mahatma Gandhi





The Creek



Through ancestral woods exploring, I found a creek today

It was well hidden, but I was led to it by soft mossy pathway

Unable to resist the temptation to feel it’s wetness on my skin

I stepped into its shallows and I felt the magic begin

Cool clear water delights my toes

As it’s eddied memories slowly past me flow

Remembered knowledge of my brief youth

Startle me with its echoing truth

I’ve grown so ignorant in my advancing age

Or perhaps, gone numb with each years turning page

I’ve ignored the genius of my young innocence

Instead I’ve adopted a burnt char of exhausted brittleness

I’ve been looking so long, at all the wrong solutions

While muddying my name with a society’s pollutions

Now feeling the water carry away the dark energy toxins

Moisturizing my center, I can now see my options

If I could only stay here and in the water play

Let it hydrate me clean, and wear weary troubles away

I might be able to touch the little child, that’s inside me hid

Let her teach me my old ways, the ones before that I had forbid

And then with rapid clarity, and a sure certainty of truth

I realized this is the secret, I had in fact discovered the fountain of youth

It’s not a actual potion, or a hidden wishing well

It’s a feeling you capture inside, a remembrance, that’s the magic spell

We stay young through our heart, not though someone else’s eyes

But it’s with a unguarded child’s grace, that we are immortalized















My infant thoughts

Play a precarious peekaboo

With the Universe’s golden child

It’s mysterious reputation seeming so taboo


Third-eyed wisdom

So hard to hide

A lighthouse beacon

In the cliffs of the mind


Answers how

To navigate our course

I follow waves

In an ebbing vital force


What seems peculiar

Attracts nimble intellect

I find myself listening

To a Celestial Doppler-effect


It is not factual

It is felt in the bones

Some will even argue

That it is unknown


But what I feel

I know to be true

The Universe summons

Us all to rendezvous


To show vulnerability

And give gift of answers

Inheriting the cosmos-

We become spiritual necromancers