Being tossed fro and to,

On emotions of hullabaloo.


Hope’s smile keeps me wishing,

Miscommunicated dreams you’re squishing .


Do I offer any value?

Connected minds once, but now unglued.


Freezing a slow slice death ,

Proportioned self-festering sighs of breath.


Wait. Till tomorrow’s warm sun,

Promises to play again jolly, hot-cross-bun.


Do I let you fade black?

Hide-and-seek betrayal and watch my back?


Guessing at things trivial

Holes- my worm eaten heart piecemeal.


Sweet blessings no longer dignify.

For now, to you, I must say goodbye.


My value is found but a mere mite

I’d rather go abroad, than rot a blight.


I cannot move forward coexisting.

With you aloof and my love resisting.


And though it hurts and pains me so,

I must find strength in letting you go.






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