Natural Disaster


Self distruct

Count down on

While buttons are pushed

Trying to live alone

Reversal of fortunes

With damage done

Miscommunicated anger

Deaf egos

Bruised fruit

Better left for pigs

Mutilated feelings

Pushing forward

Out of fly traps

Separate the trajectories

Airborn neurons

Pinball bumpers

Shaken not stirred

Leveling our whole neighborhood

Winds from words



But the foundation

I chose to believe

Still sound.





That funny word:



After almost

Losing all

Takes Greater Courage;

Further to Fall.





Softened walls

Showing desire

Interest of want

Greater things

The calm after

Forgiveness ties the bind

The storm gone

Blue skies clear

Clouds puff hearts


Hold my hand,

Won’t you dear?

Moving forward

We have hope

Now that the sun

Has returned

And my favor















One comment

  1. taurusingemini · February 11, 2017

    Sounds like holding on tight for you paid off, finally, but sometimes, it’s just as important to know where to let go, before it’s too late…


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