In angry torn thickets,

Beyond the sway white pines

There plays a forlorn song

There calls your heart to mine


A lone weary woman

In dull tattered clothes,

Hums along to the wind

She’s lost in old thought’s throes


Sitting static and soft

Her face flush by the fire

I feel a connection

My heart tweaks to inquire


What causes her torment?

But softens her lined face?

Is she here all alone?

Her song needed embrace


As I stood and I watched

A bandit in her scene

She looked my direction

My presence was foreseen


I was captivated

I could not move a limb

She sang to my sorrow

She lifted me in hymn


Primeval tethers hooked

Keeping me under spell

Flames dancing into fire

I scrutinized my hell


Around  forest creatures

Watched, and lifted their chins

They were inside me too

I owned their beastly sins


The song began to shrink

Consciousness recoiled hot

Racked lamented answers

I cried silent, overwrought


Beguiled to understand

And tricked with a sweet song

Repeatedly disturbed

Not to ever be loved


I’m a ruined woman

Hidden in sight between

A heartbroken madness

Fire’s burnt tourmaline











  1. Singledust · February 9, 2017

    love how every words just rolls into the next!


  2. taurusingemini · February 10, 2017

    It’s usually hard, to find someone you can understand what you’d been through, and, we’re all searching for people to understand where we’d been already, as that, is what makes us human, this need for connection to others…

    Liked by 1 person

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