Gaslight my sunset days red

Striking matches wet with tears

While herding my goats

With a charming conniving smile


Passion burns bridges blue

Intensity of the highest hate

Frosting warm hearts

In condescending icy dew


Forgiveness is divine

While hate is the  unsung lullaby

Lived daily

By megalomaniacs


Burn me quicker

Than whispered prayers

Bitter berries ripe

Sow seeds of instability


Jealousy impersonates

Ventriloquist’s throw voices

Sabotaging bouquet’s all simultaneously

From corners of poisoned lips


Toxicity drowns lights rays

Sucking a noodle’s gravity from black-holes

My hope struggles to flicker SOS

To to the refugee’s of humanity


Colors smudge muddy, I see you for what you are

Prideful honor hunts vanity

But yet I remain mute

Tongue crippled by a cat’s confusion


My silence seen as frailty

Gives you grins of murmured mirth

I lick flesh wounds salty for strength

Beginning an underdog’s rebellion of stymies


Armored to know your beast

I once was loyal friend and cared

Recrimination unadulterated prepared

Vengeance of disregard will be an egocentrics hell































  1. Emily · September 28, 2016

    Oh boy, do I know this well. Spot on, M. Excellent 🙏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dont You Forget About Me · September 29, 2016

      I hate that you understand it, because it means you’ve experienced it! But at the same time I’m glad to have confirmation from someone who understands how callous mistreatment from those we think are friends can be so mentally draining to our inner spirits. Ugly emotions exhaust me!

      Liked by 1 person

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