After an exhausting drought

Filled without any shadowing doubt

The connections grow once again free


Did you happen to remember or to ponder

Letting  your nimble mind lust and wander

Acknowleding the awaken souls diastole


Everything in this late summer air

Crystallizes the stars of a lover’s affair

Sweetly singing of reincarnated love foreseen


Angels and fairies play gleeful in whisper

While the sun bakes cakes and paints sunset pictures

Of lover’s reunions who are meant to be


I’ve traveled and troubled

Collecting spirit strength doubled

Awaiting the Universe’s return of my love to me


Requite to my heart’s gladdening cheer

Existing through bedtime stories comforting tears

With conscious thoughts that you would never truly forget me

















  1. princessevelyn · August 24, 2016


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Priyapi · August 24, 2016

    Tarot 😊

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    • Dont You Forget About Me · August 25, 2016

      I have cards, but I’m not sure if doing readings for myself are clear. It’s hard to interpret with so much in my head! lol


  3. Michael · August 25, 2016

    If they have a soul similar to yours, I suspect that none you have touched will ever forget you.

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