His knowing humid glances

Thrill her soused center fountains

While bringing edges

Of skin heated rosy

To a developing film

Revealing her negatives

In darkened sepia rooms

Weaving in blended flushes

Into tell-tell spending colors

Of increased ardent heart rates

Quickening concupiscences

Heavily at sewn seams

In the foggy sighs of dreams


Happening all because

She forgot to breathe


She was center of stage

With his indecent gifted looks

That sent her directions misplaced

Filling her mind

And her junctions

With a riot of thought

Of bashful pleasures

In excitement

Overriding judgement

That spun pirouettes on toe tips

In her silly romantic head

Delivering the pulse

Of animalistic survival

Instinctive and involuntary

Revealing secret innocence

To well chosen prey

Now, clearly displayed

In the many

Chameleon change of colors

Framed in track light

For his observant study

In her exhibit of museum art


And he knows

Even if she does not

Colors are felt


And tasted

And he knows

She is his- captured




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