Where Lovers Wander

(Meadow Flowers- by Clair Bull)


Euphorically they danced inside the corollas of wild-flowered fields

Fairy pollen creating halos of vitality, their souls joined, now healed

Love and adoration written in gold-leaf, on both their shining faces

Bowed lips kissed swollen, their climbing bodies twisted in embraces

These are the lovers, that were always meant to be

Serendipitously belonging to each others sensualities

He wore her like a satin glove, tailored to hold his immeasurable worth

She was fashioned to accommodate, growing to embrace the salty gratifying firth

Two souls return to innocence, their hearts now beat in twirling unison

Frolicking together in their fields of flowers, absorbed in enchanting possession











  1. ZenLikeFuck · July 12, 2016

    Oh this sounds like two butterflies falling in love. So beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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