The god of thunder paid a visit today,

Sat down for tea and blusterd away

With his little pinky curled, exceptionally high

Proceeded to bellow and complain, he made me cry

His new lover, Windy, was right on his heels

Mouthy and a bit crazy,  she created an unnecessary ordeal

Snarling her contempt,  in a jealous rage

She puffed up her chest, and began her rampage

Him with his rolling laughter, only fueled her fury

I fled as fast as I could,  away from these bullies

It wasn’t long, till my champion the sun

Broke through their anger, and told then they were done

Ten minutes of my life, and I felt like a cold coward

But my  sun smiled again,  and even brought me flowers





  1. Beaton · July 11, 2016

    This just reminded me of a scene from The Sound of Music, when there is a thunderstorm and one of the children is told that the lightning says something and the thunder answers back and the child asks but why is the thunder Angry 😡
    And they start singing my favourite things so everything feels ok

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