Starchild of the Universe

( Josephine Wall- Child of the Universe)


Come closer my dear Starchild-  look, touch and pay close attention:

You have been chosen to join me, for your comprehension of the 10 dimensions.

Slowly build your macrocosm endurance, let me teach you my wisened ways.

There is so many unseen everyday miracles, that you will surely be amazed.

Sashay fascination, with your curious dancing fingers,

Skitter them across the grey galactic cortices, to tarry here and linger.

Pirouette figure 8’s through my gilded volumes of memories,

Turning all the tumblers sticky pins, exposing all ornate hidden mysteries.

Harvest and appoint for yourself, if only at will;

Your desired hijacked dreamscape, and experience it’s eternal thrill.

I am favored in yin and yang, I am blessed and a little cursed.

For I am the one memory keeper, of the entire Universe.

I mean no ostentation, and about it I am humbly quite shy.

Holding all the answers to all the beginnings, and all of the reasons why.

Be careful what you question and aim to know as truth,

Having answers instead of benighted bliss, has power to steal your innocent youth.

Infinity will reward you with your concentrated examinations,

All the answers you could ever think of, are written in the constellations.






  1. Miriam · May 18, 2016

    This is really lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

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