Queen Grimhilde


(Artist Patrick Nagel)

Craggy and tattered from living years unkind,

She was born looking sinister, head held stiff with lips malign.

Provoke her not to crack a smile on her cemented face,

For that battleaxe mud will crack, and cannot be replaced.

By edict she commands that crooked pinky fly proud,

While sipping genteelly from tepid Earl unbowed.

She so hates the world that is to exist beneath her status,

Squinting down her upturned nose, twitchy just like the rattus.

Do you ever stop to wonder, what made her this way?

Her heart was a child bride that was forever betrayed.

Love once was unrequited, that left her vacuous inside,

Chosing a life of no hope, bleaching her stained heart with peroxided.

So use her example, and do not dwell…

(Live with false hope instead.) For the decay of the heart has a putrid and overwhelming smell.







  1. azureesoleil · May 30, 2016

    Reblogged this on BLUE SUN and commented:
    I absolutely love this post, a poem about Queen Grimhilde who let her heart become hardened from unrequited love. So often we see those of similar circumstance. Those who look upon the world with cynicism and misery, daring not to risk, refusing with venom any experience of vulnerability, choosing instead to harden their heart to love and life.

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