Strength of a Tear


My tears encase a million wails

Their voices silenced from their tales.

Each one named for their insanity,

Offered as virgin sacrifice to humanity.

Recusing me from the storms that brew inside,

Refuse yielding surrender, or darkness to hide.

Baptize my soul with their soggy agony,

Knelling sacrilegious prayer of witching blasphemy.

They glitter cold in moonbeam flood,

Sparkling magic of fabled dragons blood.

They endow with a unwonted calming bliss,

Sliding ancient wisdom down my apple cheeks as a kiss.

Tears that were slaved from previous lives,

Have now found dharma’s strength, and flow to survive.


Tasting their salty trails on my dream parched lips,

I rise up enlightened, with dampness on my fingertips.

They give me peace but so much more,

My faith and hope they revive, rebirth and restore.








One comment

  1. taurusingemini · May 16, 2016

    Sounds like you’re carrying a lot of other people’s emotions on your back, just don’t let them crush you…


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