I’m an endangered species

My heart beats hope, in place of dispair.

My words offer encouragement, a mothers instinctive care.

My hands offer help, in place of doubt.

My belief offers inspiration, I will discourage a pout.

At times I may be just a bit naive,

But by your side I will never leave.

You’ll look and wonder at my retained innocence.

And how I’m too trusting at times, keeping a young girls resemblance.

In a world that spins lies and betrayal way to fast,

I’ve been frozen in time, ¬†preserving kindness that last.

Your double entendres will fly right over my head,

But I give sweet sugary laughter to you instead.

Protect and shield me from others who will do me harm,

I’m your pure hearted dolly, you will be utterly charmed.

Not that I’m completely pure or without my dark hue,

But giving others pain, is what I eschew.

I am an endangered species.



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