Each morning I wake

My heart renews confidence

Today you return



Although, full of blood

Filled with the power of life

They are still undead


My son’s English final focused on Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

He came home today to tell me that he has been influenced by my haiku writing here lately, and wrote the above as his own as part of his essay.

I am one proud mama! lol  I can’t wait to see his grade!

That Wily Heart

I thought I saw your shadow today,

It passed between me and the sun.

My heart has cleverly seduced my short wired brain

With provocative games of footsie, just for fun.


Under the tablecloth of seduction

My heart tempts me by shamelessly flirt, touch and pine

She is persuasive in her irrational convictions

I am forever deceived by the sweet-voiced concubine.


So far my heart is undefeated

Always victorious with her persuading influence.

She convinces my thoughts, that it IS you that I have seen,

And I will wait for you with sanguine thoughts influent.


In love the heart bewitches us:

To watch

To see

To know

Dispelling that discouraging doubt

You will return to set me free- it is a matter of apropos.




The Peacock’s Soul

(Art – Peacock Krishna, but no artist named)


Her colors of personality

Stain you ruthlessly

Especially when encountered indirectly.


She simply captivates

With her innocent pigments.

For she is an old soul, with innumerable unnamed tints.


You will be happy for her as much as yourself

As she skims the creams of mortal life

Guiding so many sinners, to better tomorrows.


You can physically feel

Her ethereal, contagion fingers tickle

With effervescence of a budding anticipation inside your chest.


Her purity and innocence

Dance in our darkened corners

While wearing a tailored ballgown of ebullient aspirations.


But it is not just for you,

That she parades:

It’s for mankind’s capable future.


She is humanity’s mascot,

Offering us flavors of the sharp piquancy of hope

A gift that is full of dry rich notes that fill your every sense of wonder.


Her emitting aura of love,

Baptizes us all in dripping potential

With arresting shades of kelly green that sing beside fatty full-bodied blues.


Her royal purple is mixed as an life force elixir

She is the mother of smiles

Past, present and future.


Inherently we know,

She is the key

To our soul peace and our polyphony.


But she is also something just as precious:

Validation of our knowledge,

That our hope survives vividly in color- in the Peacock’s Soul.




My hydrangea

I’m not best photographer, so forgive me!

But I  wanted to share my hydrangea and how it is changing colors since I’ve planted it.

It was a gift to me from my mother for Mother’s day this year, and I had never seen one that was maroon in color. Since planting, it is starting to turn bright pinks instead of the crimsons.

My mom found it at a local farmers market, and I can say I’m tickled pink over it.  😉

What do you think AngloSwiss?






Impress to me,

With eccentric sensibility.

Like a gentleman,

Kiss my praying hands.

Sweep me off,

My dreamering feet.

Your fotress fortitude,

Will teach me to regally stand.

I don’t need

A cartoon savior

Who I need,

Is a dependable friend.

Someone who sees,

The darkness in the corners of my eyes.

And despite its vastness

Always know

Whom I loyally can depend.


King of Hearts

On your alter,

I cradled my seeping heart

In the inner surface of my palms

Betwixt my cagey fingers

Sheltering its exclusive value.

Kidnapped from the safety

Of my hollowed breast,

I offered its meager forfeiture to you.

A legacy escalated:  Your divine right as my King.