Lore of the Mandrake


unknown artist


A drip of moon gleam magic is all it takes,

Awaking the potency,

of the old fabled mandrake.


Weeding this plant and you will hear its God awful scream.

Terrified and deafening,

to your life will you cling.


Don’t ingest its flora for it will surely rebel.

Lunacy and madness,

Traveling an unstable plunge into a delirium hell.


It was birthed from criminal tortured souls agony.

Hanged with dripping blood,

gave creation to Mandrake’s shamed blasphemy.


It holds secret powers in this existence misunderstood.

Fertility and lustiness,

In a little tea steeped might grant parenthood.


It is old-timer said to be the best of good luck charms.

Worn and possessed,

In pretty amulets to keep you safe from all harm.



Oh Mandrake, Oh Mandrake, you look so unassuming.

Hiding and conniving,

a rich colorful history with your purple flowers blooming.




I love folklore, and the stories that get floated down through the ages to explain things or to scare you with entertainment.

This morning, I happened upon the crazy story of mandrake. It is so fantastical of a story that I was inspired to write its own little verse.

The mandrake is a plant that is indigenous in the Mediterranean and is part of the nightshade family. It’s roots are bizarrely shaped like a human, and that is probably how it gained it’s infamous reputation in stories passed down through the generations of being alive and animated. It was said that if you digested it, it would cause hallucinations and madness. (Being part of the nightshade family, that seems logical. )

It is said the mandrake was created from blood, fat and semen that dripped from a hanged mans body. Can we say, ewwwww and creepy! lol (So many questions popping in my brain on this one point alone that I will not even bring them to the light of day for fear of sounding a fool!)

It was believed that you could not uproot this plant without it screaming so loudly that it would deafen and kill who ever dared trying to uproot it. The volume of its agony and fiendish tortured screams as you weeded it out, would in the least I think, scare you to death!

It was actually believed, that because the mandrake roots looked like body parts that they held special healing properties for our own correlating body parts.  The roots would be ground up into salves to be used externally and/or steep in teas to help with fertility issues. ( Ha! I guess the felled body of a friend who was brave enough to pull it up for you was just the sacrifice you’d have to make? Or a mother who digested it so she could conceive, going crazy for the sake of having a child. Never mind the excuse- “the kids make me crazy”. “Nu huh, the mandrake made me do it!” Sounds like a cop out to me! lol )

The mandrake was also claimed to be a strong good luck charm worn mainly as an amulet. It would bring the wearer extremely good fortune in wealth and safety.  (I guess if you survived its murderous screaming or the digestion of it, it was good fortune THAT you were  still alive!)

How entertaining and fascinating is the story of the mandrake!?

I’m a dork, I know! 🙂



  1. LionAroundWriting · April 16, 2016

    Cool story.
    And I liked the info on the background of the mandrake, folklore is always fascinating.

    Liked by 1 person

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