Carny Freak


Hurry, hurry step right up!

Witness sideshow oddities for only eleven cents!

Today’s arena has a freak mirror images,

Flipping me to create frightening suspense!


Nibble the little cakes of privilege,

Instructions say to ‘eat me’!

Not all good little girls do as they’re bid.

But it’s stitched into all of our seams!


Escapading through smoky carnival glass,

Fingerprints cloudy up the real view!

Are you in fact good, or are you bad?

Indecision screams back in volumes!


The right side of the bed in fact is wrong,

Wearing my smile backwards too!

I am out of all kinds of distorted sorts,

Reflecting everything to you askew!


My words speak subliminal through needles,

Scratches play my voice forward to improve.

Wish pennies are thrown at my gaping mouth,

Collecting maniacal giggles for evasive countermoves.


I jump on magical carousel horses to giddy-up,

My tears from the wind transpose in reverse.

The sight of my face is such a shameful fright,

Embracing all from this life that is perverse.




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