Connection (original post 3.22.14)

Another older entry to share from March 2014.

It surprises me a little that I was writing like this 2 years ago. Seems like I’ve always believed in synchronicity.  =)




We all need it.

Even when we think we don’t.

Even if we don’t know we desire it.

It’s still a human craving to belong to something magical- something beyond every day comprehension.
That magic, once tasted, is what keeps us bright eyed and dreaming of more.

That magic is what captures and charms us silly.

Even in the dark days without that connection in our daily hours,  without it’s white washing light shining directly on us, we can remember and feel it’s warmth still lighting us from within.

And when felt true, that connection remains with no words spoken.

Its invisible stings tie, chain and tether us always to it’s manifestations.

It feeds the gravity of ying to yang, light to dark.

It draws together what once was independent and standalone into an wondrous union that is an amalgamation of love and harmony of soul.




  1. Madeline Harper · April 8, 2016


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  2. Alternate Dimension · April 10, 2016

    Very beautiful piece! Infinite peace and wisdom!

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