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(artist- Jennifer O’Neill)


Some days…

Some days I just want to yell and scream.

Scream as loud as I can, just to be seen.


Some days…

Some days I just want to snivel and cry.

Cry to cleanse my aching heart from hard good-byes.


Some days…

Some days I just want to forget and laugh.

Laugh and have tea with a long necked giraffe.


Some days…

Some days I just want to boogie and dance.

Dance to discover soul freedom, and travel to France.


But most days…

Most days my hearts only want, is to see you once more.

One day to pronounce I love you, it’s all I ask for.




Rebirth- in haiku

                                                                                                              (artist Kelly McKernan)

Whitewashing my sins

Tentacles secure their grave

Drifting currents ebb


Sunshine Friend


Wearing jeweled glittered laughter with bright sunshine,

Writing words with emotion, she easily entwines.

Quick with a kind words, to raise weary spirit,

And troubles from friends, she gladly stops to hear it.

Energy’s light so joyful from her inner heart brightly glows,

And tells of great love that she’s ready to bestow.

Conscientious appreciation of nature flourishing around her,

Takes time to note and listens when the quiet wind whispers.

She’s rare in beauty, combined with a thoughtful, caring mind,

There is no one else quiet like her, she’s one of a kind.



Written in mind of someone who gifts the world and her readers with written sunshine, thank you!  Check out her blog here- Busy Mind Thinking
 Her blog is full of inspiring words, beautiful pictures, and kind words that have given brightness to dark days.

Last Nights Dream

 (Miss You- by Shawna Erback)

Leisurely arising out of an lonely nights darken slumber,

Memories- sharp with lucid detail all clandestine, try to lumber.


Recognition pings sweet recollection of our kindred spirits magic with a tenderness,

Gifting me serenity as I await for your return in this barren Siberian wilderness.



Physical absence practices being our center of theme,

My pulp filled heart is compelled to beat your name extreme.


Here I will await, sleeping to dream of our past lives sweetly,

Enduring in our honeyed fated love, till it reconnects us completely.


Never will you leave the chambers of my swage-hinged heart,

Twins reunion will emerge us each, as the ultimate destiny counterpart.