Crosswords in Pen



Over confident ink blotch,

Of course I know how to spell!

Ebony smell of metallic newsprint,

intoxicates like a bottle of Zinfandel.


I must finish this tile row,

never leaving one undone.

Yes it ask for 8 letters,

Why do you act so ho-hum?


The clues offer temptation,

my planets have become trine.

Scratching out boxes with letters,

Mixing my cranial noodle like a grapevine.


Bold and sour I become,

The tiles mock me in imply.

You mustn’t a mistake make,

The laughter of madness misidentifies.


Why do I write my life in pen,

when I know how I change my mind?

Wishy washy’s been my way,

Erased is how it should be signed.



Pen makes it permanent,

No denying where I’ve been.

Just like Doc Holiday,

I’m your Huckleberry (Finn).









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