I highly suspect

 Picture by Keith Burnett ‘Winds of Change’


Do you ever just feel, the air current shift?
Not with wind little one, but with energy’s gift?


This life as we know, will soon have special effect.
Today is one of those days, I highly suspect.


Close your eyes, don’t just feel- but know.
What is offered in donation, in what life can bestow.


Sensations of teeny tiny happy pops, soda fizzles of energy.
Attaching to your brain cortex the effervescence of the sensory.


Gazillions at least, rigmarole their little heart tunes.
Do not stop smiling now, for no one is immune.


To the hiccups of love, there really is no cure for.
Once love finds it’s place, it will make you it’s troubadour.


Giggle this kismet, hold it close, squeeze and treasure.
Summer flowers will bloom, and will archive its pleasure.


The energy has changed, the electric static of it is humming.
Smile and be confirmed, love’s change of you is coming.





  1. Dorinda Duclos · March 23, 2016

    Wonderfully written! Love this ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. VictoryInTrouble · March 23, 2016

    This is so happy! I needed this!

    Liked by 2 people

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