Window- Daily Prompt

Tom Sawyer, Sneaking Out (Color) 26x20 Artist ProofNorman Rockwell- Tom Sawyer, Sneaking Out

Daily Prompt Window
My mom always had this platitude growing up- When God closes a door, he always opens a window.

As a kid I can remember thinking God was always sneaking around climbing in windows instead of using the door. Isn’t it funny how you can remember your child logic at times so crystal clear? The concept of God is so hard to grasp even for some adults, but as a child you just accept it and adapt to it, with what you are familiar with. I guess I was doing a lot of sneaking around myself those days, climbing in windows and such?

I do remember I was always looking at windows to make sure they were locked/unlocked to be sure He could get in if He needed to. Or I had been ‘bad’ I was making sure they were locked to keep God out.  I really wasn’t grasping onto the whole omnipotent part of God at that age. =)  I still thought I could control His comings and goings and His knowing with a simple lock.

Of course now as I am older, I understand better what my mom was trying to say. She was saying not to give up. She was saying that there will always be another way provided, if the one direction I am trying to go in is shut. All one needs to do, is have faith. Just believe, and it will be so. Just have faith.  As a child I made that about actual windows and doors.  Even if I had to climb out the idiom of the window or lock it, it was still a working option. It WAS that simple to believe.

But I’m finding it’s not that simple to do as an adult.

My paradox is this:

As a child I made it about actual doors and windows, and believed.

As an adult I understand it’s a figure of speech, but I have a hard time seeing the concept that helps me have faith.

How can one have faith just on faith alone? Shouldn’t there be works to prove my faith?    In anything? Not just my spirituality or religiously speaking, but in having faith in anything?  Like, in ourselves and faith in others?  Just because I say I believe it to be so, does that really make it so?

It was easy enough for me to believe as a child, so where do we lose that ability to ‘simply’ believe as adults?

Why do we need more to believe as adults? Is it because we’ve been lied to one too many times through our lives? Is it that we just gain knowledge of remorse and regret, and that refuses to let us believe in hope?

I want to learn how to go back to believing just because I believe.

Not to be delusional and not to be stupid on things, but I want to go back and believe in myself again. I want to believe like I did as a child- simplistically and affirmatively.








  1. Alternate Dimension · March 22, 2016

    I think it’s hard to believe as adults because we learn “critical thinking” over basically anything.

    As children we fuel on imagination and nobody really holds us back from “creating” the world the way we imagine it to be because it is seen as normal. Growing up we are introduced to “logic” and we are being asked to become “realistic”. We become skeptical and methodical. It is neither good or bad. We are less likely to get manipulated by others, religious groups, cults or even politics.

    Children have that naivety which make them easy target to predators and bigots. It is possible to believe in something without any proof. However, it is hard to do for humans because we experience the world through our senses. Spirituality requires us to experience something we can only feel while the mind is telling us to stay logical..

    I don’t know… what do you think?

    Great article by the way! Infinite peace and wisdom!

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  2. furiouscuriouscancersurvivor · March 22, 2016

    The God opens a window bit was the first thing that came to mind when I read the window prompt. I only heard this quote from Julie Andrews who played a failed nun in the Sound of Music when I was a kid! Amusing post!

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