Crazy 8’s



The cards are stacked,

the win in his sight.

He trumps each round,

this is definitely his night.


King kisses Queen

Jack watches and laughs.

The merriment hidden,

But all captured in photographs.


Who could it hurt,

Throwing the end game?

Creating mischief,

with no one to blame?


He sneaks a sniff,

and a misplaced hand.

In the name of love,

he shifts the sands.


She winks at implication

and gives him a squeeze.

The warmth of her touch,

sending him weak in the knees.


Clandestine encouragement,

has raised lofty stakes.

Imperious ambition,

ruination by garter snake.



Without his upper senses,

he makes a huge play.

The dimwit brash beta

trying to ride the King’s highway.


He will most definitely be caught,

the Queen’s own betrayal.

No one replaces her King,

Everyone else will pale.


The day of beheading,

and he can’t help but think?

If only on his turn instead,

he’d played his crazy 8.








  1. VictoryInTrouble · March 16, 2016

    OOh! I love “ruination by garter snake” 🙂 Tsk tsk Jack, should’ve been more careful!

    Liked by 1 person

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