Opinions/direction needed


Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone is having a good start so far!


Forgive me if this is a faux pas of blogging, but I need help in the way of advice!

It has to do with blogging. I’m sure most of you are aware and can tell, I am winging it! And I am pretty sure I am messing it up! =) lol

It occurred to me on my last post, after seeing the 1 millionth mistake in it, that maybe I shouldn’t be posting until I am completely satisfied with my post? I feel like I am constantly going in and making revisions to either correct grammatical mistakes (of which I make a ton of!) or if I don’t like the wording or flow entirely- I will go in and change it.  There is one flaw with this for me, I will never be satisfied with my writing. In concept I will. But having it perfectly spelled and/or the linguistics or syntax it will always seem off. I know this flaw about myself and I just accept it. But is that a pet peeve for you guys? To have these billions of mistakes and having to read through and over them? Or is me going back in to revise over and over after the fact of posting and switching things up completely sometimes, is that a no-no I should avoid? Is that annoying to you?

Everyone is being so nice with their support, encouragement and so welcoming! I am in awe at this community.  The support here has really meant a lot to me from all of you, and not just for me, but what I see on a daily basis being offered to pretty much everyone. It’s wonderful!  I just had the thought that maybe I should not be posting like I am? I don’t know I’m weird I guess? lol

I am a bit embarrassed, if I must admit, that my writing is lacking and unpolished as everyone else’s is! Your support to me is that much more meaningful because of that, and your taking time to read and comment is always out of this world! I want you each to know I am thankful for it.


All constructive feedback is welcome!






  1. Laraib · March 14, 2016

    I too make a lot of mistakes in my posts and it is usually one of my readers who points them out. The subsequent embarassment is totally a confidence killer.
    But I guess, in the end, mistakes help us improve.

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  2. VictoryInTrouble · March 14, 2016

    Typos don’t bother me usually. If they disrupt a story a lot, I might get frustrated having to decipher what was really meant, but in regular blog posts, I understand. Fwiw, I don’t remember noticing typos from you.
    I don’t usually change things I’ve posted but will edit typos in my stories as I notice them.
    Don’t worry. We are all amateurs here! Though, I don’t point out typos because of what the previous commenter said. It seems embarrassing and kind of mean. I guess it depends on how the other person thinks. I’m sensitive and it’s just not something I’d like.
    But I think you’re doing great here! Don’t worry! ❤️

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    • Dont You Forget About Me · March 14, 2016

      I promise there are tons!!! But on the flip, I don’t remember seeing any in your writing either! 🙂 hugs* Thank you for being so sweet and the feedback!

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      • VictoryInTrouble · March 14, 2016

        good, thanks! 🙂 You’re very welcome!

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  3. Irene · March 14, 2016

    Completely understand how you feel! Since my site is mostly photography, my writing is quick and short and somehow I still manage to make mistakes.

    Keep writing,
    Irene 🙂

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  4. maeve · March 15, 2016

    I use windows live writer to write my blogs. It has the same spell/grammar check as word. I also have my Master review all of my blogs before I post them. I make changes he suggests. If you have someone you trust to at least add as editor I would do that. Perfectionism is a form of OCD and learning to let it go is hard. Good Luck!

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    • Dont You Forget About Me · March 15, 2016

      Thank you! As of right now I do not have anyone that I trust to edit. Mr Bender did that before. It’s not so much that I don’t trust, as much as it’s not wanting anyone but him to do that. If that makes sense? I know it’s me being silly with him being absent, but I just can’t yet. Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll check out live writer. 🙂
      And you are so right! Perfectionism is very hard to let go!

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      • maeve · March 15, 2016

        I like it because it gives you more freedom on what the font looks like

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  5. learning to live like water · March 15, 2016

    I really like your writing! I do the same thing, if it’s blaring to me. If I read it and it’s confusing, or unclear or there are bad typos. That usually happens because I’m in a hurry to get it posted and go to work or bed or something. But don’t obsess. I mean we’re all trying to write here and improve as writers and yes I think we should look at our work critically. But it’s got to be fun too, so after it’s been up for a few hours I’m done with it and on to the next thought. If I’m unhappy with something in it, it’s a lesson moving forward. Big hugs to you.


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