Life has a music soundtrack

I am one of those lovable but quirky characters who likes to believe we all have a specific life soundtrack.

A soundtrack tailored just to us, playing up in the clouds of our head.  Maybe kind of playing faded into the background, with it’s volume increasing or decreasing depending on the importance of an event playing out in our lives at any given moment.

It may be cheesy, but that’s what I like to think! Music is such a prodigious and significant organism in my everyday life. I would be so lost without it.

Music compliments us all and exaggerates our own beautiful uniqueness. It’s a personal thing. No one else will have our same taste and appreciation, but there is unity that it creates between us all. The thinking that we have a playing soundtrack of all the music that has touched or influenced us playing all together, just makes it that much more endearing of a concept.

I’d be lying though if I said it was the actual music or the melody of the notes that makes me adore it so. Though the strain of the notes played does have it’s part that adds to it’s beauty.  But it’s the lyrics that charm and seduce me. It is masterly poetry at it’s magnificence to me.

Lyrics are words written when someone is happy or sad, troubled or conflicted, excited or fed up with life’s pains and hurts. They are the essence of the individuals who have put feelings to words and pour emotion to sheet music. Lyrics speak to me, they sing to me on their own. They sing to me of someone opening and sharing their heart for the world to hear and feel. That sharing humbles me.

No one writes a song to just write a song like a class assignment. Each song, every song ever written since the beginning of time, was written from someone’s zeal and experience of living in pain or living in happiness. Songs are written in extreme highs and lows when emotion is the highest passion being felt. Whether it be passion of love, or passion of hate- it’s powerful. It’s real. That’s what speaks to me.

Ever have a song that specifically speaks to you through emotion?  How the words will have you frozen in place as you listen to them because you know they are speaking directly to you? Chills will prickle your arms, your heart might even race, all confirming this song is for you and about you. THAT is empathy and connection.  Most times you don’t know the musician who wrote the music or lyrics, but in that instance you are connected to them in those feelings. Music carries us to a higher level of connection among ourselves and to others.

You can’t capture that kind of power just putting words haphazard to paper or to song. You have to live it, you have to feel, you have to sing it, and you have to sing it in your heart and from the heart to connect.

I don’t think I could come up with an official play list of my soundtrack for you. But I know it could play nonstop for a million years without any trouble.

I am the road trip partner you have nightmares about! giggles*



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  1. mysecretme75 · March 15, 2016

    I couldn’t agree more with this theory. I love music. I love music across all genres. I can specifically relate to feeling a connection with a particular artist through their music. I think this is why some of my favorite musicians are the ones who write and perform their own music. Where I differ here is that I also FEEL the music too. I can listen to a song strictly for the connection to the lyrics or how they make me feel but I can also listen to a song strictly for the way the music/melody makes me feel rather than the lyrics having any importance to me. I’ve always loved classical music and one of my favorite styles of music is instrumental – specifically crossover classical. Lindsey Stirling is an example of an artist who does this beautifully.

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