Teetering on that crazy seesaw with Fuzzy Wuzzy



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(not my picture)

I caught myself talking out loud to myself this morning. Retraction- Someone else caught me talking out loud to myself this morning. I don’t know if I would have admitted it, if I had caught myself! I would have just waved it off and dismissed it as me being the silly eccentric personality that I think I am.  I make up songs to make my work go by faster. She caught me mid-chorus, btw. It ruined the whole song, too!

I’ve found singing helps me remember details better. Maybe I’ve relied too heavily on it though and made it a crutch on any mental task I complete? But that doesn’t make me crazy does it?

This ‘someone’ is convinced I’m nutso, wacko, cray-cray, loony, deranged (write in any adjective here you like!)…  I could see it in the way her eyes took pity on me! And also, because she expressed genuine concern that I might need to speak to someone professional about it.

I don’t know, maybe I am? She has made me doubt myself. I don’t think that I am, but maybe…

I would know, right? lol

I’ve always talked to myself. Probably from the moment I learned to speak as a child, and maybe even before. My mom has millions of stories of me talking and singing to my pack of teddy bears. Those stories, she will pull out on me at inopportune times such as family reunions,  or to a server when out to dinner, and she even once told a first date when he came by to pick me up! She receives great joy these days in playing that embarrass-her-children card because of the hell we put her through first.

So why am I letting this one woman’s judgement of me stick with me today? Maybe I should make a song up about her to serenade her with! I would do it too! Well I would if I wasn’t too afraid she’d have me committed or at least evaluated! lol

(Humming to myself as I type this all while telling the world of my possible ‘potential’ crazy… you’ve been warned! ) smirks*



One comment

  1. mysecretme75 · March 15, 2016

    Totally not cray cray. Unless I am too? Hmm… well we are a lot alike? Oh well, crazies unite!!!

    I listen to music when I need to focus. I don’t necessarily always hear the music. Sometimes I can go for hours with the same song playing on repeat and not even realize I’ve done it. It also helps me remember. I also catch myself humming out loud at work and even on occasion I’ll break out the chair dancing. No, its not a stripper move. Its when your body feels the rythm and needs to move but you’re stuck sitting in a chair. As a very young child I was a talker and a singer as well. My parents love to tell how I would spend hours outside by myself just singing and swinging. 🙂 I bet it was adorbs. 🙂

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