Creeped out

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I have lived in my home now close to 19 years and, I have had the same neighbors the whole time. I  have suspected them of messing in and around my house at times, but shrugged it off as just me being me and paranoid.  Things have just been off, I didn’t have anything to really suspect actual things going on. I haven’t always completely  trusted them from things you learn of people by living next to them for years, but like I said I never had anything to confirm those feelings.  It has been more of a 6th sense kind of thing. They just annoyed me. They’re loud. They’re nosy. They make me uncomfortable with things they say and do. They have lots of domestic drama always going on,and it’s just not my style.I convenience myself over the years it was just me, not them.  Despite all the times over the years of being ‘unsure’ I  scolded myself on not being more friendly to my neighbors, you know? I blame my southern roots on that and my nature of always wanting people to like me. I am always wanting to be ‘nice’.

But today, I witnessed how nosy, invasive and creepy neighbors can actually be when they didn’t think you are home.

While laid out on the couch earlier (I was home sick today) I heard car doors. Being that I was the only one here, my first thought was someone had stopped by to check on me? Or my son had forgotten something when he left a few minutes prior to this. I got up and looked out the window to check things out and my neighbor was in my car. I remember thinking briefly, you really are not doing this dude! He saw me immediately and my first words were- WHAT THE HELL? He could hear me through the window. He then automatically launched into a story about finding my mail and was just putting it in the car. Total bullshit by the way. My son had just left maybe 10 minutes before, and had spoken to the neighbors in passing before leaving. The neighbor thought no one was home and had taken liberty of snooping and messing around not thinking anyone would know. If he was placing the mail in the car, why did I hear several car doors slam? And to top it off- where was the nonexistent mail? I only ask those questions because of his adamant denial that what I was seeing was what was actually going on. I let him get in my head to making me question myself and the facts and my always being nice.

Lesson one to myself here, though I live in a very small and quiet town- lock everything. Every time. I will admit I am not always diligent about doing that.But that’s going to end.

Lesson two- trust your instincts! No matter how unlikely it is. Those 6th senses are real. We should listen to them more!

Lesson three-control your anger but speak your mind. You can’t let people think it’s okay to do wrong. You’d think that would be a given.But just because I respect others and their space and property it doesn’t mean anyone else does that.

While I was proud of myself for not letting him off the hook and confronting him while I had him in my sights, I am a bit uneasy of what is to come now? In today’s time and atmosphere we have to walk the tight rope of even doing that. People are crazy, and will find even little things to excuse their ‘crazy’ behavior.

Nothing is missing and nothing is wrong with the car. But I feel violated, and not just from today’s realization. How many of those times over the years were things not right? How many of those times was someone in my home, or on my property watching and looking around touching my stuff? How many times has that man been stalking me!? Cause that is what this is! He obviously has been stalking my property like a predator thinking none of the rules of society and common courtesy apply to him. How many times??

Angry, creeped out, and uneasy!






  1. tiffanybeingfree · March 3, 2016

    Yes, follow your gut and EEWWW! How gross. I’m sorry for that violation. Good to have your intuition reinforced, tho. Now you really KNOW! ❤️

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  2. mysecretme75 · March 15, 2016

    OMG seriously?!?! That’s not right Mel. You need to be extra vigilant. Who knows that this dude is into? Creepy isn’t strong enough. Please be careful and remember as an INFP you are exceptionally good at perceiving and intuition. Listen to those and trust yourself!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dont You Forget About Me · March 16, 2016

      I called a friend who is in law enforcement more to make myself feel better. But I gained more insight into things they (police) were already aware of with this individual that I didn’t know. Let’s just say, he’s on their radar. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • mysecretme75 · March 17, 2016

        Thank goodness someone has it on their radar and is watching out! Stay safe!!

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