Walk the Line- a TwinFlame story?



When I’m home alone, I usually have the TV or radio on for that white noise. More times that not it is usually the radio. But last night while I was straightening up around the house, the movie Walk the Line was playing in the background.

The movie is suppose to be based on the life of Johnny and June Cash.  I’m not a huge country music fan. Of course I knew who they were, and I might have been able to have named a song or two by each of them if I had been playing Trivial Pursuit. But before last night my knowledge was really limited.

I found myself getting caught up in their story and I kept interrupting my cleaning to watch the story of Johnny and June.

The story line was difficult to ignore.  The struggles with depression and addiction, the always crashing into each other but that it never seemed to be the right time and place for them… And how they both fought hard against the gravitational pull toward one another that they seem to keep finding themselves in. Only to be pulled back time and time again into each others lives because of some circumstance.

I believe they were TwinFlames. Maybe that’s just the hopeless romantic old soul in me and just what I want to believe for my own bleeding heart. But you have to admit, the cycles match up to that of TwinFlames.

The struggles that they were able to overcome from the clearing of their past karmas is amazing. The fervor and intense feelings that survived between the two of them despite all of the obstacles of other relationships and their separate careers- it really should have never been possible. It might have took them years to realize a peaceful life together, but they found it.

They found their higher vibrations in peace, and it brought them back together back as a whole.

Because TwinFlames, that what they/we/ are meant to do.








  1. tiffanybeingfree · February 24, 2016

    Now that you mention it, yes, I agree! Great review and post. ❤️

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  2. emmagc75 · February 24, 2016

    I agree. And he died just a few months after her!

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  4. busymindthinking · February 24, 2016

    I agree with this last statement; and yet, in spite of loving deeply, people can still choose not to be part of the whole, and you’re left questioning, how is that even possible? But within, when love is pure and unconditional, you continue to love, even when that person no longer wants you. It’s a topic I consider often.

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    • Dont You Forget About Me · February 24, 2016

      I don’t think it’s that they no longer want us, I think it’s that they’re not prepared to accept something different than they thought their life was suppose to be. That course that the Universe has in mind for all of us, isn’t easily accepted and seems fluky and abstract. Just because we’re ready for it, doesn’t mean that they have transcended to a point of being able to understand the meaning. But this being patient without losing all our marbles in the mean time- OMG! I’m not a patient person on a good day even before all this, so the being patient for all of this is for the birds!
      Sending hugs* to you in that it will help give you more of your own!

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      • busymindthinking · February 24, 2016

        Huge hugs. I love your insight and how your mind processes things!

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      • flniceguy4same · March 4, 2016

        I can so relate to what you say and enjoy reading what you wrote. I think the Universe sends us signs and even though I have convinced myself to give up, that it is over, and move on…I still get signs that it is not. Something tells me I am still meant to be with this person. I could just be fooling myself. As for patience I am not a patient person either but all I seem to get are signs to be patient. I go to church the preacher’s sermon is on patience. I open a random magazine to an article on patience. He used to tell me I needed to be patient. Who knows what the Universe has in store for us. Maybe I just want to see these signs. :-/

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      • Dont You Forget About Me · March 4, 2016

        Hugs* I think we’ll be looking for signs of them the rest of our lives, don’t you? And I’ve wondered the same myself at times, if I’m finding/imagining signs because I’m looking for reasons to keep holding on? Or if in fact they are the real deal of signs(whatever that means)? Patience… ohhh the bane of my existence! lol Its become such a dirty word the last few weeks to me! I swear (ha! Get it?) I’m going to start a new revolution of cursing where I substitute patience for the f-bomb! Patience you! Patience me! Patience it all! 😉 giggles*
        Not sure it’s going to be making to urban dictionary though!


  5. mysecretme75 · February 24, 2016

    I couldn’t agree with your assessment more whole-heartedly! Wonderfully written and provacative thinking! The concept of twinflames can be so bittersweet. The yearing, the meeting, the running, and then coming together again. This pattern can last lifetimes until they finally overcome and last. Beautiful.

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  6. Miriam · February 24, 2016

    I remember seeing this movie years ago and even back then it left an impression. A wonderful thought provoking post.

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  7. Nitin · February 25, 2016

    All you said agree with the movie. I had seen this movie long back. I loved it. And I loved your post on it. 🙂

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  8. Luckyfree · March 19, 2016

    This is written great. Ich liebe das zu lesen. Danke

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