Are you kidding me?




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Deal I made with myself before climbing out of bed this morning: If I get a snow day home from work, I’ll not spend the day sad or thinking of you.

Well the snow day happened. Yay, me!

But I wasn’t able to live up to the other part of the deal. Not that I didn’t try! The Universe obviously stacked the odds against me. He/She definitely has a warped sense of humor. I can’t help but appreciate and take notes on His/Her wily schemes! None of us really stand a chance against the Universe, do we?

At first it was little things that started manifesting themselves around me that would make me think of you: A song- no big deal all music seems to make me think of you. A mention of your state on the morning news- again no big deal, it is the US. News happens there daily. But then a pretty big ‘whoa’ happened around 11am. I received a telemarketer call, again nothing unusual. With all the sweepstakes that I enter, I get a few phone calls a day. But this particular call was none other than a Mr. Bender with Sweet Emotions Candy, a candy of the month club… my jaw is still on the floor. Of course it was not you Mr. Bender, it was a different real Mr. Bender, but still!!!! I was flummoxed! No, no, no, no way! Here was ‘a’ Mr. Bender trying to sell ME candy??! It was all very twilight zone, even for us!

I couldn’t stop my curiosity of questioning the ‘not you’ Mr. Bender.  It was frankly ridiculous, no way this was serious?! He did not find it as huge of a deal as I, and he  did not even appreciate or find amusing, my questions of who put him up to calling me. I’m sure he thought I was crazy.

At that point after that call,  I gave up and thought of you. How could I not? Its obviously what the Universe wants.  Its driving me crazy though!

If I must think of you, it’s my wish that you must think of me too, my John Bender! I sure do hope the Universe is having as much fun and with as many laughs at your expense in making sure you don’t forget about me!




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