Do you call my name…

I dreamt of your return last night. But it was not like you would think. There were no reunion tears, there were none of the memories of struggles from our ‘before’.  Just the candid picture of the dream’s present and the promise of future strength together.

We were as we were meant to be in that dream. It was calming. It was comforting. It was so beautiful.

It impressed me as fact, not a dream. As my day has progressed, the feelings have not left me like dreams normally do. The memories of it have not disappeared. In fact they have grown in my remembrance of the vivid details.

Isn’t this strange? I feel I must be crazy.  To tote foreshadowing of my dreams now and to perfectly accept them as fact in my life. Is this just my silly brain trying to shield me from the hurt of missing you?

But yet still…

I saw you.  You spoke to me. I felt you. I held your hand.

And God help me, I believe in all of it.



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  1. thehannahkate · February 13, 2016

    This post is everything ❤️

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