Observation, if not a little rant-y…



So, I must admit it has been a few years since I was last blogging on WP.  I expected there to be changes to the format, which there were. I expected those who I use to enjoy reading to be gone,  which they are.

But what I didn’t expect was, when the heck did WP turn into a site for porn blogging, tactless selfie-postings and unmannerly self-promotion???  Yes, I say tactless.  Not because I consider myself a prude by any shortening (or stretch lol) of the word, but tactless because its inconsiderate.  If I want to look at smut porn, I’d go to my favorite sites and do just that. If I wanted to post revealing selfies, and I do! I’ve got several sites I can recommend for that kind of mischief! I’m probably coming from one of those right now.

75% of topics that I’ve searched for- the first post, if not the second one to pop up on my feed is someone with their goodies all spread open or looking up to the sky! No #NSFW warnings given here?? lol  And don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate erotica in most forms! My mind tends to stay on the filthy darkside of things most days, but that is neither here nor there. This is WP. I’m at work. Give me a break!  I’m not even coming from a place of this is bothering or offending me to see what we all were blessed with- our bodies.  Of course we should be proud to show it off! Just not here! lol Not without warning.   I think what is offending me(from the ones I’ve seen anyway) is that it’s blasé.  Its apathetic and vacuous. I’m all about broadening my horizons and being open-minded but this is taking away my one safe place to unplug from that, or what I thought was my safe place. Maybe I’m just getting the unlucky draw on the porn wheel of roulette on WP? lol  My mind has definitely been blown!

Please tell me I’m not the only one irked at my dashboard!

Stepping down off my rant (prudish old woman) block now and pulling my big panties up. I’ll be over here in the corner telling myself- Suck it up kitten! WP has sold out and grownup. It’s time you to grow up too and just deal with it!



+footnote: I need to clarify, this was not about the erotica stories that are posted.  I’m talking about the visual pictures of individuals in my face. :p


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