Bender’s Star



And just like that, he is gone. Not by choice, necessity.

I take comfort that we walk under the same sky and that the same moon beams will touch our faces every once in awhile. Maybe that is why the first thing that I’ve done is buy a star?

His star. My glittery reminder of our magic.

I can’t bear the thoughts of him gone completely from my life. I will always need him. The star will be a tailsman always winking at me, always watching me, always connecting us.

I want to know I can look up and see Bender’s star. I want to know all I have to do is look up and still feel connected to you. Seeing it will be a reminder of the hope that one day you will find your way back to me. You ARE my star bender.

It’s lame, I know. It’s silly and romantic, and impossibly sad. But he knows me well.

I bought us a star.





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